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Get Out Your Running Shoes, Luke Hemmings Dropped His ‘Starting Line’ Music Video

Get Out Your Running Shoes, Luke Hemmings Dropped His ‘Starting Line’ Music Video


Although he may have missed the starting gun, Luke Hemmings is in the lead as he runs straight into our hearts after watching the official music video for his debut solo single, ‘Starting Line!’

Moving in stealth mode, we’re starting to think that every member of 5 Seconds of Summer just likes to see the 5SOSFam in chaos. As that’s exactly what ensued once fans caught wind of the Luke Hemmings YouTube channel putting up a video premiere late last night with the simple comment, “set a reminder, so you don’t forget ❤”

The surprises just keep coming with this one, but we aren’t complaining because who doesn’t love new Luke content?

Similar to the visualizer that dropped with the single, Luke can be seen running, but this time through the city streets of downtown LA. A complete 180° from the never-ending field before! He begins to pick up so much pace as he leaps over obstacles and overcomes all he needs, so he can take in as much as possible before “running out of time.”

Touching on the idea of living in the now and not letting the good things in life rush by, the visuals for this track emit the concept perfectly. Directed by fellow Australian Scottie Cameron, Luke sings his heart out as he runs, leaps, and bounds throughout the city streets.

Ending with him singing directly into the camera, almost in slow motion, before cutting to a drone shot of Luke running down the middle of an empty LA street, you can feel the emotion radiate off the screen.

Telling the story to a tee and leaving us all in shambles, you can watch the official ‘Starting Line’ video right below!

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With Luke Hemmings’, ‘Starting Line’ has already amassed over five million streams worldwide. You can tell that fans are eager to hear the full debut album, When Facing The things We Turn Away From, which is out August 13th. The hive here at THP is already buzzing with excitement!

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But while we wait until next month, let’s go ahead and run that track back one more time! Earphones on, world out, running through the streets with Luke Hemmings, sounds like a dream.

How many times have you watched the ‘Starting Line’ music video? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below, or talk to us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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Feature Image Source: Scottie Cameron

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