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Here’s To The Future With Liam Payne

Here’s To The Future With Liam Payne

Welcome to the Here’s To The Future with Liam Payne. Let’s see what it is all about.

Liam Payne, the 27-year-old renowned British singer-songwriter, has become the king of Veeps virtual concerts during the pandemic. He is a sweetheart interacting with his fans. Not only does he amaze us with his voice, songs, and lyrics but also when it is time to help other rising artists, Liam is the savior. He has recently announced a new artist showcase which is called Here’s To The Future. This newsletter showcases many sides, but most importantly, for artists who are rising.

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Veeps Show

Liam has the purest soul in helping other artists. He always says it is nice to hear some uprising talents, and he loves to help them grow. Recently he tweeted his upcoming brand new show on Veeps, which will feature a showcase of rising stars. We will get to hear some stunning music. Of course, Liam will be performing too.

Here’s To The Future, Liam Payne’s Artist Showcase, is happening on 31st July 2021, at 8 PM BST. He will be showcasing emerging acts on his latest Veeps show with performances from artists around the world. Liam will be playing a short set and hosting this incredible night of performances.

Liam Via Veeps Newsletter

Hey guys!

We’re back with a brand new show for you on Veeps…

This past year has proved to be hard for everyone, including rising stars in music. So to help where I can, I’ve put together a showcase of artists I’ve chosen so they can share some of my favorite music from all around the world.

As you’ve all supported me so much before, I wanted to give you first access to tickets for the show on 31st July 2021. I’ll have some amazing guests performing, and I may even do an intimate set myself.

Tickets are now ON SALE so be sure to get involved for a one off night. I can’t wait to share everything with you.

Here’s To The Future!

xx Liam

Liam Payne via Veeps Newsletter

Here’s To The Future, Liam Payne’s Artist Showcase

We got to see Liam’s last virtual show on 9th January 2021. It was his LP Final Act. In this show, he also brought some uprising artists. The motive behind this show was to support charities like Unicef, Trusselltrust, and his crew. We got many amazing songs through those new artists. After January, we’re going to get a Veeps show in August, and yes, we can’t wait for it. Here’s To The Future, Liam Payne’s Artist Showcase is gonna be an exciting one.

The tickets are on sale now. Grab your Liam’s Veeps show ticket here.

We can’t wait to hear new artists’ songs, so thank you Liam for doing this and broadening our music playlist. We are so lucky to have Liam, who appreciates new talents. We stan a king who not only sings but also supports other artists. He has mentioned in his recent tweet that he will be announcing the full lineup over the next few days. So, keep an eye on his socials.

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In the Veeps newsletter, Liam has said he may do an intimate set of his songs. We are pondering over the fact that we could get a tinge of his new music. We cannot tell you for sure all the hidden details, but we are very excited.

Liam keeps us alive with his Instagram lives, and we adore him for that. He never misses a chance to share a single moment with us. His regular Veeps shows over the lockdown have saved us. These shows have given inspiration to us, fans. We laugh, smile, cry and become happy when we get Liam’s shows.

We can’t wait for what could be the full line-up. What Liam is doing for new artists gives us so much inspiration. How many rising artists will be performing? Is Liam going to sing his new music too?

Let’s calculate these questions while waiting for the show. Moreover, his birthday is coming soon. We are taking this show as a birthday gift. Tell us your opinions on this upcoming Veeps show and how much you are proud of Liam Payne by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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