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‘Permission to Dance’ granted. ARMY assemble!

‘Permission to Dance’ granted. ARMY assemble!

AAAAAARRRRRMYYYYYYYYY (read in Seokjin’s 2018 MAMA Speech)! How are you feeling? We at THP are still dizzy from the aftermath of the pure bundle of sunshine and burrito-wrap of serotonin that ‘Permission to Dance’ is. The boys have done it yet again and at this point, we are convinced that they simply cannot make music that’s not good enough, even if they tried. Here’s proof.

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Image Source: Tenor

It’s July 9th aka, ARMY Day! Congratulations are in order for both BTS and its mega-dynamic, magnificent ARMY! And what better way to celebrate, than having new music from the boys themselves? You ask, they deliver. They love us like that and now we have another gem to add to our playlists. And this one will take you a minute to decide if you “wanna dance” and or simply explode with happiness.

Written by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid & Jenna Andrews and being their third song sung completely in English, ‘Permission to Dance’ is a dance-pop number preceded by its record-setting cousins ‘Butter‘ and ‘Dynamite.’ Upon close inspection though, it sounds more like a funky sister of the band’s historic third Hot 100 #1 Hit ‘Life Goes On,’ the lead single from their latest Korean album BE.

Filmed in Seoul, South Korea, and LA, the music video of ‘Permission to Dance’ shows the Bangtan Boys as you’ve never seen them before – cowboys! They’re belting out soulful vocals to a steady progression and let’s just take a moment for that rap line, because their vocals are so damn fine. Like, wow.

‘Permission to Dance’ also marks the homecoming of emo Jungkook, back from the ‘Danger’ era, a grand welcome to a platinum-blonde J-Hope, neon-green RM, pink-haired Jin, ravenette Jimin, silver-haired Suga, and a sad goodbye to poodle TaeTae. Nevertheless, it’s a treat for the eyes, a warm hug for the soul, and absolute euphoria for the heart.

The song opens with Jungkook seated on top of a truck, followed by RM name dropping Sir Elton John, and Jimin looking like an absolute cowboy prince. Jin comes up next and he wants us to “Just dream about that moment /When you look yourself right in the eye“; and to ARMY this must resonate with the moment they meet their favorite boys again, in concert because – “You are me, I am you!”

The chorus, taken up by Jungkook and V, is a tough one to get out of your head as they break into this cute choreography that includes some American Sign Language for the words “dance” and “fun!” Talk about inclusivity. It’s these little things and the thoughtfulness behind them, that make BTS, BTS. Oh and V in that red jumpsuit – straight out of a fever dream! What a man!

Post chorus finds Jimin reminding us “We don’t need to worry/ Cause when we fall, we know how to land” and if you ask us what a long, warm hug must be like put in words, this has got to be it.

The second verse opens with a record-extending Sope (Suga + J-Hope) transition that is one for the history books. Then there’s Jungkook being the funky little popstar he is, doing his happy little dancey dance, and God, we are so endeared! Oh, by the way, the “Da na na na na” we jammed out to, all of last year, is back too, albeit a little differently. We’re in a tight spot at picking out our favorite of the two, help a friend out in the comments?

Image Source: tenor

The closing scene finds BTS in the midst of vast deserted land, in their denim outfits. A constant throughout the 4:59 minute video, apart from the septet, is the purple-colored balloons which are a marker signifying the end of the pandemic, in the video. The frame shuttles between people from all walks of life – a waitress, children, teachers, frontline workers, couples, etc. with BTS at the center, pulling off their masks and busting out their very own steps to ‘Permission to Dance,’ hopeful for the end of the pandemic and a better, brighter tomorrow.

It’s BTS’ new attempt, at convincing us that the hard times will be over soon, we will meet again, “live just like we’re golden” and everything will be okay. The whole song is a burst of colors, warmth, and happiness during times when we need it the most, and BTS has yet again hit the bull’s eye. Another asset to BTS’ endless list of comfort songs.

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Following an unprecedented six week streak atop the Billboard Hot 100 charts with their summer smash ‘Butter,’ ‘Permission to Dance’ has some big shoes to fill. Lead rapper SUGA aka Yoongi in their last VLive, spoke about a “baton pass from ‘Butter’ to ‘Permission to Dance’ and if you know even a little about this fandom – what Yoongi wants, Yoongi gets!

Replacing the current trailblazer of their hit, ‘Butter’ at the top spot on the charts doesn’t sound impossible though, because hey, we’re talking about BTS and ARMY here – the biggest group and biggest fandom on the planet. So be rest assured and find yourself back at the hive, for more in the weeks to come with ‘Permission to Dance’ breaking records – left, right, center.

Oh by the way the boys are all set to take us on “A Butterful Getaway” and perform both ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance,’ among others, tonight at 9 PM KST on Naver Now and YouTube. Go check it out. They’re also set to bring the debut television performance of ‘Permission to Dance’ along with ‘Butter’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for the group’s special, two-night musical takeover from July 13-14.

Can’t keep track with the Bangtan Boys? Us neither, because BTS love to spoil us with endless content! So we’ll bring you everything you need, to keep tabs on these pop-culture icons and their devoted ocean of purple hearts!

Quick reminder for you – the Butter CDs are available to order right here, right now. What are you waiting for? Go grab it! And when you’re done, please come back to hug it out with us and our fellow ARMYs here in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. We’ve also got you covered for when you need to rant on Facebook and Instagram!

Annyeong! 💜


Featured Image Source: BigHit Entertainment via Billboard

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