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Perrie Edwards’ Top 5 Instagram Posts That Make Us Smile Always

Perrie Edwards’ Top 5 Instagram Posts That Make Us Smile Always

Since The X-Factor days to date, Perrie Edwards continues to be a caring, fun-loving, and talented human being who has the purest soul. As Perrie blows our mind with her voice, we have something different to Little Mix your mind. The ‘Confetti‘ superstar always makes us smile, and our happiness reaches new levels every time she makes a new Instagram post. We know Little Mix are absolute style queens who love to have fun. Let’s hop on her Instagram and re-visit our top five Perrie Edwards’ beautiful posts, among which some took our breath, and some put a big smile on our faces.

She Is An A+ Student When Its Time to Sit On Her Couch

Perrie is an absolute inspiration and motivating person. She always encourages people to do the right thing. During complete lockdown due to the pandemic, Perrie took her Instagram platform to share the message that it is necessary to stay at home at this moment. She said that she is an A+ student when it is time to sit on her couch. This positive message has made us smile more. So let’s be like Perrie and become an A+ student to beat the virus.

We Love Her Friendship With Her Hairy Friend

Perrie is the cutest when she is with her hairy friend, Hatchi. She can look stunning and cute at the same time with her four-legged friend. She is a fashion icon to many, but Perrie loves to style her furry friend too. We cannot move our eyes when we see Perrie with her best friend, Hatchi. Her posts of Hatchi always make us smile. We are sending loads of love to her cute furry friend. So, posts of her hairy friend are in our top five list.

No One Can Beat Her When It Is Time For Backstage Snaps

Apart from the onstage look, Perrie even takes our breath with the backstage snaps. We cannot imagine how fast they have to change their costumes and be back at the stage again. They work so hard to put a big smile on their fans’ faces. She always saves a moment to take a backstage snap. No one can beat her in this. She even commented, “I was as speedy as speed can be!” We know even speed cannot beat our queen. We are mesmerized by her dress always and backstage is not an exception. Yes, we stan a queen who takes backstage snaps.

She Is The Happiest With Her Sisters

Nothing compares when Perrie is with her sisters, and they are none other than Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. They bring Little Mix happiness and love to our life. We got to see three white angels on the night they won The Brit Awards for the Best Group. Perrie is always on cloud nine when she is with her sisters. They are the world to her, well for us too. Perrie posted the photo on her Instagram, which shook us all, and the sheer beauty of their looks is unparalleled. We can see how proud and happy Perrie is to be with her sisters, and winning an award with them makes her living in inexpressible happiness. So that post goes straight to our top five list.

Perrie Is Relishing The Pregnancy Bliss

Perrie is expecting her first baby with professional soccer player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. We shed happy tears when she announced her pregnancy through Instagram by posting a black-and-white picture of her and her boyfriend Alex showing off her baby bump alongside another picture of them smiling. We cannot express our happiness in words. Perrie posted, “We can’t wait to meet you, baby Ox!” Well, we are too. In another post, Perrie, in a blue bikini, is relishing her pregnancy bliss in sunlight. “Growingggg,” the mother-to-be captioned.

The ‘Sweet Melody‘ singer is on cloud nine as her little one is coming. Her smile lightens up our world. Undoubtedly, this post is on our top five list.

Perrie never misses a chance to share her special moments with her fans, and this makes us fall in love with her even more. She is always so bubbly and has a constant smile on her face. Like her voice, she is a gorgeous person. We can just sit and admire what Perrie is like. She is our charismatic queen.

Did you like our top five Instagram posts of Perrie? Choose your favorite one from the list. Let us know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

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