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Sam Fender: Seventeen Going Under And Seven Rising Above!

Sam Fender: Seventeen Going Under And Seven Rising Above!

TW: This article mentions topics of suicide and bullying. Reader self-care is advised. Look after yourself.

Our fave Geordie musical mastermind, Sam Fender, has just announced his upcoming sophomore album Seventeen Going Under, and we are beside ourselves here at THP HQ. October 8th better get here quick! Please can one of you wake us in October? That is so far away! It’s bold of Sam to assume we’re gonna be okay ’til then. (Spoiler, we won’t be). If you’re anything like us, then you need a bit of Sam in your life, as the soundtrack to the highs and lows of your day. Well fear not, lovely little bees, we’re here to tide you over while we wait impatiently for the new album.

Check out our run down of seven of our fave Sam Fender tracks, from singles, to album tracks. We did a deep dive just for you! Buckle up THP fam, this one might get emotional!

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‘Seventeen Going Under’

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Of course we’re going to hype up Sam’s newest single, we’re absolutely soft for it. The title track of his upcoming album, ‘Seventeen Going Under’ has just dropped, and we’re gonna need 8-10 business days to recover, thanks. Let’s get into the track – a warm lyrical nostalgia of teenage adventures, with a jauntily full instrumental that made us want to both cry, and smile.

A guitar track at heart, but it’s actually so much more, with so many instrumental intricacies that we ended up listening on a loop for an hour to pick them all up and simp over them. Is that a xylophone? Answers on a postcard please! Sam explores the weird, wonderful and challenging experience of being 17. The age of stumbling forward into adulthood, while clinging onto innocent, fearless, and fearful youth. Do us a favor … go listen, and then when you hit the 1:01 timestamp, come talk to us.

Stream ‘Seventeen Going Under’ now, right here, and check out the new music video below!

TW: mentions of suicide

‘Dead Boys’

Never shying away from the important topics, Sam Fender’s 2018 EP and title track ‘Dead Boys’ has us sitting in silent thought. We appreciate this song greatly, for its stunning musical strength, but even more so, it’s tragic poignancy. ‘Dead Boys’ looks at the epidemic of young men dying by suicide, including in Sam’s hometown. Sam wrote the song after losing a friend to suicide, attempting to articulate his own feelings, and then realizing the scale of the issue. The music video shines a light on this issue even further. As the video does depict some quite distressing scenes, which we at THP also find quite triggering, we’re practicing our own self care and aren’t including the video below. However, you can find this on Sam’s YouTube channel. Through Sam speaking about this song on radio, it was actually heard by somebody during a very dark time in their life, who paused to listen, and went on to seek help and speak out. There’s nothing more that we can say that could shine a light on this song and it’s power, better than that. It speaks for itself.

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‘The Borders’

Sam Fender has previously said ‘The Borders’ is his favorite track from his 2019 album Hypersonic Missiles. It’s probably ours too, so good choice Sam! Again, this song is an emotional story. That’s the thing with Sam’s music, and why we are such huge fans – his songs are not sad for the sake of being sad. They’re sad because they’re real, and they’re important. Sam is a storyteller through and through, and ‘The Borders’ is testament to that. ‘The Borders’ follows the life of two best friends, growing up and growing apart. It’s hard-hitting and raw. The accompanying music video, which follows the explosive “friendship” and outcome, really drives that feeling home. This music video can be challenging to watch, as it includes scenes of bullying. If you think this may be triggering for you, go ahead and move on to the next song in our list!

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‘Play God’

Awww, baby Sam! This was Sam’s first-ever single, which was released in March 2017! Hilariously, it only made it to an album, in 2019, when it was included on Hypersonic Missiles. Don’t play with us like that Sam! The darker, somewhat sombre track introduced us to the gritty and socially driven musician, and we’ve never looked back. The track circles so many world issues, including oppression. It let us know straight off the bat, what Sam Fender was all about. The thick echoey vocals are matched by the kind of dirty bass that we live for. It’s the kind of song that you listen to through ear phones, and you actually feel it vibrating your teeth! What a mood. The black and white vintage style music video, which dropped in 2019, just lends itself so perfectly to the vibe of this track.

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‘All Is On My Side’

If you don’t already know a lot about Sam Fender, so far with our list, we wouldn’t blame you for assuming all of his music is sad! We promise it’s not. While Sam is a master of thought-provoking and moody songs, the North-Shields lad definitely knows how to inject a little fun! His 2019 single ‘All Is On My Side’ showcases his mischievous and fun side. It’s essentially about getting wasted with your mates. By the way, have we mentioned we miss nightclubs? This is definitely one of our favorite songs in Sam’s discography, for every reason. The very relatable topic is met with a stunning 80’s rock vibe that does something to the soul of every Fleetwood Mac lover here at The Honey POP. “In a club you despise, but you go where all your friends are,” sings Sam. That’s us. You really didn’t have to call us out like that Sam, but what do we have to do to tag along? We’d happily get our shoes stuck to a pub floor with you! This song absolutely slaps live too. You’ll see why in the 2019 European Tour footage below!

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‘Greasy Spoon’

We are so glad that Sam released ‘Greasy Spoon’ in 2017, despite it being a non-album single! This song is *chefs kisses* and once again, that bass! The track highlights the experiences surrounding cat-calling, and the feeling of being constantly on patrol. One of the heavier tracks in Sam’s discography, with heavy rhythmic drums and sick bass riffs, ‘Greasy Spoon’ is instrumentally supreme. Sam stays in his higher register for most of the song, lending to the fullness and slight chaos of the track. Reminding listeners that every woman is someone’s mother, daughter or sister, Sam musically personifies the experience that so many female-presenting people face, and we think this is just a belting tune, that needs to get on to your fiercely named playlist right now!

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‘Hypersonic Missiles’

The title track of Sam Fender’s 2019 debut album, ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ is our final fave pick. This song is a journey, and once again, gives us the kind of story narrative that Sam always eats up and spits out. Finding love through the chaos and negativity of life, and in fact, of the world ending, ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ serves, hard. Vocally, it’s one of our favorite performances of Sam’s. And you know by now, what we’re gonna say about that bass… do we even need to say it again? While the song explores the negativity in the world, all the way up to a conspiracy of the world’s pending demise by ‘Hypersonic Missiles,’ the anthemic track manages to lift us up, and remind us that there’s a twinkle of hope in love. Think apocalypse, but you’re gonna still have a good time. Erm, mood.

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That’s Your Lot!

If that isn’t enough to wet your whistle in anticipation for Sam Fender’s new album Seventeen Going Under, we don’t know what will! Sam Fender is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Sam is serving up a contemporary take on 80’s rock, with deep lyrics filled with social narratives, haunting guitar ballads which are now stuck in our heads, sticky nightclub floors full of memories, and everything in between. We are so excited to get our hands on Seventeen Going Under in October, but while we have a tantrum about waiting, we’ll keep filling our ears with the talent that is, Sam Fender.

You can pre-save and pre-order Seventeen Going Under right now, plus get your hands on signed CD’s and vinyls too! What are you waiting for, didn’t you hear us? They’re signed! Here you go besties, we’re linking you up!

Did you get to the 1:01 timestamp on ‘Seventeen Going Under’ yet? Are you shook and wanna chat about it? Do you agree with our list? Come hype Sam Fender with us down in the comments, and buzz on over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, and don’t forget our Facebook and Instagram!

Want even more album news to sink your teeth into? We gotchu!


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