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Allow Us To Tell You How We Feel About Alec Benjamin

Allow Us To Tell You How We Feel About Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin is easily one of our favorite artists around right now! There simply isn’t anyone with a voice like his that’s making music at the tier he does. Song after song, we find ourselves further transfixed. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we want to dance around our room, but we always have a good time.

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Alec Benjamin has just dropped the music video for his latest track, ‘The Way You Felt.’ And of course, it’s pure perfection. Alec has a way of making his visuals fit perfectly with his songs which is so rare to find. The video takes you back to places that are of significance to Alec Benjamin from a previous relationship. You can’t get much more personal and honest than that.

To celebrate the release of the ‘The Way You Felt’ video, we’re going to break down our top five favorite Alec Benjamin tracks!

Stream ‘The Way You Felt’ here!

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‘If We Have Each Other’

Right at this moment, ‘If We Have Each Other’ is probably our most-streamed Alec Benjamin song. Alec’s voice is so soft, and the beat he’s singing over makes you want to keep listening on repeat. The track is also as sweet as they come, and we can’t imagine someone writing a song like ‘If We Have Each Other’ about us!

‘Water Fountain’

‘Water Fountain’ is it! We have an ultimate top two of our absolute favorite tracks, and ‘Water Fountain’ is on there! We used to have to listen to this track on SoundCloud or YouTube, so it’s nice that now it lives in its rightful place on the album Narrated For You. Alec Benjamin shines so brightly on this track, we always recommend ‘Water Fountain’ to any new listeners.

‘Annabelle’s Homework’

‘Annabelle’s Homework’ also takes one of our top two spots for our ultimate favorite song by Alec Benjamin. This tale of what feels like fresh out of high school heartbreak has captivated us since the first listen. ‘Annabelle’s Homework’ is the track we cry to pretty regularly. Don’t judge us.

‘Jesus in LA’

There are songs like ‘The Lucky One’ by Taylor Swift, or ‘Dying In LA’ by Panic! At The Disco, and ‘Jesus In LA’ by Alec Benjamin, which joins those ranks beautifully. Calling out the toxic culture in Los Angeles is something we’ll always support. There are so many people who go to Los Angeles to find themselves and to chase these big-city dreams, and then they’re crushed when they realize the truth that Alec Benjamin sings about in this song.

‘Let Me Down Slowly’

‘Let Me Down Slowly’ is the track that introduced the world to Alec Benjamin. It caught on like wildfire and plays a large part in the success he has now. The song is so calming, yet heart-breaking and features Alec’s distinct vocal styling so well. We went from hearing Alec play in hallways at hotels while he was in the Pressplay group, to hearing him play sold out shows to thousands of people!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite Alec Benjamin song? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We also are on Facebook and Instagram!


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