Find Us Lost In Movements ‘Moonlight Lines’

Find Us Lost In Movements ‘Moonlight Lines’

So-cal quartet, Movements presents their video for the song ‘Moonlight Lines’ from the critically acclaimed album No Good Left to Give released last year via Fearless Records.

🌙 🌙 🌙 

When the album dropped last year (view our review), it was filled with honesty, rawness, and emotion. Throughout the entirety of the album, you arrive at every emotion imaginable. A no-skip soundtrack, the album was everything about Movements we love, entangled with a perfected progression. Through Mental health, relationships, and life, the album went darker, but gave the most honest emulation of themselves than ever before. Accumulating 17 million streams worldwide, we know that every single listen was loved.

Directed by The Work of Jar, the band creates a music video that displays a visionary of colored tones over the deep cutting track. Bringing together the outpour of energy as they are joined by a dancer in the overwhelming optical. In a highlight of the defining push and pull of the song itself, the vibrant visuals follow suit.

Excite your eyes by watching the video yourself, here:

Movements – ‘Moonlight Lines’

What made the band choose to visualize this specific song? Well, vocalist Patrick Miranda gives some insight:

I don’t think there was any specific reason we chose to do a video for this song — we just like the energy and felt like it would make for a cool visual,[…] The track is dense, both sonically and lyrically, and we wanted to create a visual that would reflect that density.

We think they killed it. The energy was right, and the visual matches. Seeing Movements doing the damn thing has us hyped to see them again live. Luckily Movements returns to the road this summer. Finding a spot on Sad Summer Festival, headlining dates, and in support of The Story So Far, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to spot them on the stage. Grab tickets here.

What did you love most about the ‘Moonlight Lines’ Official Video? Was it Miranda’s mustache? We’re onto you. Which date will we catch you on? Give us the deets! Comment down below or find us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

Need more Movements? We gotcha.


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Atom Splitter PR

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