Nina Nesbitt Is Our New ‘Summer Fling’ Crush!

Nina Nesbitt Is Our New ‘Summer Fling’ Crush!

Do the world of Disney and the Enchanted Forest attract you? We may have something for you this weekend. Scottish artist Nina Nesbitt rises again with her fresh new single ‘Summer Fling’ and the dreamy video out now. Join the fairytale and enjoy these new sounds with us.

Nina Nesbitt is our summer princess
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Don’t Be Scared Of The Heights!

Nina Nesbitt’s voice is a pure delight! Liam Payne fans saw her take over Rita Ora’s ‘For You’ part on The LP Show: Final Act. On that show, she also performed a magical set, sitting at her keyboards and playing songs from her latest record, The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change. Since this epic show, she became our crush. She paints beautifully her rhymes into astounding melodies. She unveiled the video for her new single this week and she teased us on her TikTok profile. Is flying to the sky your dream? Well, the Scottish singer lives it to the fullest, being an inspiration to us. Who’s ready to take the flying circus challenge? She did amazingly on her new single visuals, floating like P!nk and her daughter Willow at the Billboard Music Awards. Take a look behind the scenes of ‘Summer Fling’ below.

1,2,3, We Got A Crush On You!

Cross your fingers, tell me it’s forever/Could we make it into September,” Nina Nesbitt croons on her warm season new single ‘Summer Fling.’ Let’s enjoy the present moment. The track is a quick reminder that love and passion can be ephemeral. Her experiences from her past collaborations with Jonas Blue, Charlotte Lawrence and many others paid off. Through her recordings, she learned to produce bangers after bangers, and ‘Summer Fling’ is a stellar gem. She is like Glinda, the Witch of the South in The Wizard of Oz. The Scottish singer brings so much sunshine and positivity. The track travels to 70s synth-pop nostalgia. Nina Nesbitt’s vocals are like sweet candy. We can’t get enough of it! She’s very impressive too as a circus athlete in the Wolf James-directed ‘Summer Fling’ visuals. Get the track for download or stream here and watch the sensational video below.

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