The ‘Hear Me Say’ Music Video Means Summer Is Here!

The ‘Hear Me Say’ Music Video Means Summer Is Here!

The best way to mark the arrival of summer is with a playlist full of Jonas Blue tracks. They’re high energy, upbeat, and make us feel the same way that soaking up sunshine does. His newest track ‘Hear Me Say,’ featuring LÉON, is no exception. The build-up of the verses into the soaring chorus, coupled with LÉON’s vocals and the upbeat background music, makes this the perfect track for summer 2021. The ‘Hear Me Say’ music video also makes this track a staple summer track.

‘Hear Me Say’ Music Video

We’re lowkey jealous that we’re not living this life right now. Boat rides, beachside parties, swimming in crystal blue waters, it all sounds like a summer dream. And of course, we’d be bumping Jonas Blue and LÉON the entire time. The cave pool looks like a spot we want to explore and as soon as we’re done here we will be making our way over to book a flight to the nearest island ASAP.

Hear Me Say music video
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The ‘Hear Me Say’ music video is just what we needed to hype us up for the rest of the summer. Even if we can’t party it up exactly as they do in the video, we’re ready to make the most of our summer with this track blasting in the background. You can stream the track all summer long, it’s only a click away.

Which other Jonas Blue tracks have made it onto your summer playlists? What do you think of the ‘Hear Me Say’ music video? Let us know in the comments below or by hitting us up on Twitter!



Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Universal Music Group

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