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Payno Premiers: Sam MacPherson

Payno Premiers: Sam MacPherson

Okay, honey bees, we are so excited for Liam Payne’s upcoming new artist showcase Here’s To The Future on July 31st. Liam will be gracing our Veeps screens once again, but this time, with a spin! In true Liam form, he is handing over the spotlight, to introduce us to a host of incredibly talented artists, who you may not be too ‘Familiar’ with yet!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’re going to be bringing you all the tea on these artists as they’re announced! How cool would it be, if we can all sing along to these performances, and feel like we know a bit more about these artists, prior to the show? This is our vow to you: When Payno drops a new artist announcement for the show, we’re gonna drop an intro to that artist too! We’re deep diving so you don’t have to! So settle down, grab some snacks, and get to know the artists Liam has chosen to showcase! Because if he loves them, chances are we will too!

Introducing: Sam MacPherson
Image Source: Maxwell Goldberg

Yeyyy, we’ve got the first artist – Sam MacPherson has entered the chat! Sam is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter from New Jersey. Speaking to Threads Official, Sam explained that his childhood was filled with music, and he took to songwriting during his Freshman year of college, which is also the first time he fell madly in love! Sam is a massive Beatles fan (which immediately peaked our interest!), so we’d love to know what his other musical inspirations are too. We’re hoping we get to find out more on July 31st, but until then, forget ‘All You Need Is Love,’ and start thinking “All You Need Is Sam (and Liam!)”


I’m playing a concert with Liam Payne? It’s been a crazy day. I’m so excited!#GossipGirlHere #liampayne #onedirection

♬ Perfect Conditions – Sam MacPherson

Straight off the bat, we’re so happy Sam is joining the show, after checking out his music! How would we describe it? We’re gonna go with “Chilled out, smooth gravel.” Sam’s voice is stunning, we have goosebumps on our faces. We’ve checked out the songs ‘Something Simple’ from 2018, ‘Solar Flare’ and ‘No Bad Memories’ from 2020, and ‘Routine,’ ‘Last Minute,’ and ‘Perfect Conditions,’ Sam’s newest work. Here’s our hot take on our two favorite songs, ‘Routine’ and ‘Perfect Conditions.’ We are going to need Sam to perform these at the showcase! You can get your tickets for Liam’s Here’s To The Future Veeps show, here. Or better yet, enter our giveaway, for the chance to win 1 of 4 tickets to the show!

There is no better feeling than sharing that song with people and being gifted in return, some type of mutual understanding of what you were trying to get across.

Sam macpherson for


[apple_music_ad artist=”Sam MacPherson” song=”Routine”]

Well, this is a chilled-out little number, really showcasing Sam’s vocal ability, and is an amazing place to start, to catch Sam’s vibes. We’re gonna need 8-10 business days to get over that falsetto – Dare we say it rivals Liam’s? Don’t come for us! Sam’s head register is rich and such an aesthetic. A simple instrumental, the song really lets Sam’s vocals shine and lends itself to the vulnerability of the lyrics. And that R&B guitar is giving us life. We can’t stop thinking about how hard this will slap, live! Stream it here, and check out the music video below!

‘Perfect Conditions’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Sam MacPherson” song=”Perfect Conditions”]

We cannot get over how perfectly this is going to fit the vibes of the show. We think Sam and Liam are going to complement each other so incredibly, that we’re actually getting a bit emotional about it! ‘Perfect Conditions’ is Sam’s newest single, and as a storyteller, Sam takes us through the journey of that kind of “wrong time, wrong place” love, where there are no ‘Perfect Conditions,’ but in many ways, that’s the best kind of love – perfectly imperfect. This is a truly stunning song, and Sam’s voice is sublime from the first note to last. We cannot wait to hear it live, and we promise you, it’ll get you subconsciously moving your hips and unintentionally making little satisfied noises!

Sir, we’re going to need a music video soon. Please and thank you. A round of applause for Sam MacPherson!

We’re so hyped for Sam MacPherson and can’t wait for him to feel the love and support of this fandom. Liam wants to use his platform to showcase artists like Sam MacPherson, what do you say we join him? Let’s do Liam proud, and use our powerful platform as fans, to stream Sam’s music and adopt him as our own. Welcome to the family Sam, we’re slightly unstable, but we’re loyal and we have cookies, so…

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Watch this space as we bring you the latest Here’s To The Future announcements, and introduce you to these incredible artists. Which songs are you excited to hear from Sam? What songs do you hope Liam performs in his set? What kind of artist do you want to see showcased? Come on over and ‘Say It All’ down in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz over to our socials, @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

Want more Liam comfort character content? Don’t worry, we gotchu!



Featured Image Source: Caroline Wang for The Honey POP

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