12 Sidekicks Who Deserve Their Own Spotlight

12 Sidekicks Who Deserve Their Own Spotlight

Everyone loves a good hero. They’re the main character, they always save the day. Most of us also love a good villain. Actually, depending on how well-constructed the villain is, we often like them better than the hero. But you know who doesn’t get enough love? The sidekicks!

Sidekicks are often forgotten about by most, but we think they deserve their time to shine too! And because they’re meant to mostly be comic relief or a literal assistant to the main characters, we don’t get to learn nearly enough about them. Truth be told, we sometimes wish they got a little more screen time to develop and give us more reasons to love them. Here are a few characters we wish would get their own spotlight!

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Okoye (Black Panther)

You cannot tell us you didn’t love Okoye the moment she showed up on screen! The badass leader of the Dora Milaje became a fan favorite since Black Panther came out. She’s smart, funny (when she wants to be), and has a sense of honor and duty to rival Steve Rogers’. And we’re just saying … since Disney+ is coming up with so many MCU TV shows, maybe one focused on Okoye and the Dora Milaje might be a good idea? Just throwing that out there.

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Heimdall (Thor)

Another member of the Marvel Universe we’d love to see more of is Heimdall, the former guard of the Bifrost, and friend to Thor and Loki for most of their (very long) lives. We’re sure that as the man responsible for letting people in and out of Asgard, Heimdall has seen some stuff and we could honestly just sit and watch him tell those stories for ages. Or example, we know he was in on the D.B. Cooper joke Loki pulled after losing a bet to Thor (as shown in the Loki series). Who knows how many other wonderful jokes he knew about? We need those stories!

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Lumière & Cogsworth (Beauty & The Beast)

To be fair, all the castle servants deserve their spotlight. But Lumière and Cogsworth are just too good together! Their bickering is part of what we love about Beauty and the Beast and seeing more of it would be amazing. Even Gaston and Le Fou are getting their own show soon, what’s stopping Disney from giving us this iconic duo’s story too?

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Sven (Frozen)

Reindeer are better than people, that’s for sure. We adore seeing Sven act as the voice of reason for Kristoff in both Frozen movies, he always has the best advice (and knows when to call his friend out when needed.) And just saying, Olaf had a few shorts focused on him, why not a Sven-centered one next?

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Genie (Aladdin)

The king of pop culture references deserves more love. There, we said it! The Genie made all of us laugh as kids and now, we wonder what exactly he was up to after Aladdin used his last wish to free his friend. After so long stuck in the lamp, Genie is bound to have had some good adventures after finally being able to do what he wants.

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Ryan (High School Musical)

East High’s favorite choreographer gets a scholarship to Julliard but not a time to tell his story at and after college? Come on, that’s insane! Ryan is funny, caring and was one of the best brothers anyone could ask for. He is such a beloved character by all High School Musical fans, we just wish he could get more attention as Sharpay did in Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

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R2-D2 and C-3PO (Star Wars)

R2-D2 and C-3PO have seen quite a lot during their years in that galaxy far far away, right? They’ve seen the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker, they’ve helped his children save the galaxy, and there is no way they don’t have a few interesting stories to tell from all that time. Plus, their dynamic is just fun! C-3PO is always proper and super worried, while R2-D2 is the short feisty one always ready to fight anyone. The Star Wars universe could definitely do a lot with these two if they want.

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Mushu (Mulan)

Mushu is everyone’s favorite dragon. Even when he was wishing dishonor on everyone and their cows. We all know Mushu helped Mulan save China, but what does a great warrior’s right-hand dragon do after the fight is over? We need to know, Disney!

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Donkey (Shrek)

We’ll be honest, we kind of relate to Donkey a little bit. We are also the friend who never stays quiet for too long and has little patience for long drives. Maybe that’s why we want to see more of what he gets up to when he’s not with Shrek and Fiona. Also, he’s married to a dragon, which automatically makes him cooler than anyone else. Anyone else really wants to know how their relationship started?

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Evie (Descendants)

Yes, yes, we know Evie is considered a main character from the Descendants franchise, but the second and third movies focused a lot more on Mal’s story, so we’re including Evie on this list. Besides being played by real-life princess Sofia Carson, Evie is arguably the kindest character in the movies, and the one that stood out in the Isle of the Lost the most. She found her place in Auradon but was the first to say she’d go back to the Isle when her friend needed her help. We all need a friend like Evie in our lives, and Evie needs more love from everyone.

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Pain & Panic (Hercules)

We bet Pain and Panic were the sidekicks that popped into your head when you read this title. These two are the classic villain assistants who serve as the comic relief for the movie, and they do so perfectly. Pain and Panic also serve as quite the contrast for the powerful gods in Hercules, and a funny one too. We’d love to see what these two get up to when they’re not doing Hades’ bidding.

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Frozone (The Incredibles)

Frozone is the ultimate side character who needs a spotlight. He has some of the coolest powers in The Incredibles and deserves a chance to show them off more. We know little to nothing about Frozone’s background other than him constantly acting as Bob Parr’s conscience, but we really want to know more about him. In addition, we’d love to see more of Lucius and Honey together, after all, she is “the greatest good [he’s] ever gonna get!”

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And this was our list of sidekicks who seriously deserve some time in the spotlight. Tell us about your favorite sidekicks in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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