Anne-Marie Got A ‘Beautiful’ Gift For You

Anne-Marie Got A ‘Beautiful’ Gift For You

Do you need good Therapy? On July 23rd, the lovely Anne-Marie got the perfect medicine for you! She’s not doing it alone as she got some of our favess teaming up for a ‘Beautiful’ party and we already have some tea on the new album coming up. Who’s freaking out?

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Teasing Is A Blessing!

Anne-Marie is the queen of dropping some bangers one step at a time! She kicked the fiesta on with ‘Don’t Play’ with KSI and Digital Farm Animals. The infectious beats warm the heart! The album is full of surprises! We can’t wait to hold it in our hands later this month. Whose heart didn’t melt seeing Jade from Little Mix and Anne-Marie cheering for the Three Lions last weekend? Well, there is good news! The girl band and the British songstress teamed up on ‘Kiss My (Uh-Oh)’ and it’s going to be fire, we call it! What about the amazing collaboration and hit single Our Song with Niall Horan? Therapy is THE album of the summer! We can’t agree more!

This Is ‘Beautiful!’

Alongside all these beauties, Anne-Marie put out ‘Beautiful,’ another stunning song this week! “Are we beautiful/All of us/Cos we got something natural/It’s a part of us,” she sings with her angelic tones. Beauty is inside and out, no matter how you see it! Co-written by the smash hits maker Max Martin (Britney Spears and Taylor Swift) and the one and only Ed Sheeran, it was destined to be a bopping remedy to our monotonous days. The rhythms energize our grey days and we can’t get enough of the slick beats! Let’s unite around the world on August 7th to experience that ‘Beautiful’ escape. Tickets are on sale here! Watch the lyric video below.

Get your own Therapy here and enjoy these lit new songs from our pink haired princess. What is the track you are most excited for? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Do you need more therapeutic music tips? We got some for you here!


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[…] have already collectively established that Anne-Marie is our dame, but we were not ready for her to snap this hard on Therapy! Her sophomore album landed […]

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