A Colby Brock NFT Collection Is On Its Way!

A Colby Brock NFT Collection Is On Its Way!

You might recognize Colby Brock as half of the iconic duo Sam & Colby. They’re best known for their exploration videos. They’ve explored some of the coolest, most haunted, and abandoned places in the world. They’ve done some crazy stuff over the years. Most recently, they started 25×25, a bucket list of things they wanted to do before they both hit 25! You should definitely check them out on YouTube if you haven’t already. While both boys have their own merch lines and projects, the latest is the Colby Brock NFT collection, dropping tomorrow!

Check It Out!

The Colby Brock NFT collection is limited edition, dropping in collaboration with Heard Well. Colby himself worked on this collab with artist Jacob Hylton, so you know it’s gonna be good. If you wanna snag this collection, make sure you sign up for tomorrow’s release! The collection drops at 6AM PST, so don’t be late! All we know so far is the Colby Brock NFT collection features a limited edition art piece and some other special items. We have no clue what they are yet but we love Colby’s aesthetic so much and we have a feeling that this NFT collection is going to be unique to him. We wonder if any of the ghost hunting and exploring is going to make its way into this collection? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Colby Brock NFT
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Are you signing up for the Colby Brock NFT drop? What do you think we can expect? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: Shelby Lee

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