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Did Someone Say Big Time Rush Reunion? Here’s 10 Other Bands We Want To See Reunite!

Did Someone Say Big Time Rush Reunion? Here’s 10 Other Bands We Want To See Reunite!

We know we’re not the only ones who put on music from bands that don’t exist anymore and get caught up in the nostalgia right? Right???? It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything, we know. Well, a little birdy (aka Twitter) turned our attention to a potential Big Time Rush reunion and it sent us down a long, emotional nostalgic road. It got us thinking about other bands that we love that we would love a reunion from (even if it’s not all that realistic). Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

Big Time Rush

We love Big Time Rush so much and miss them even more. Known for their hit TV show and iconic tracks like ‘Worldwide,’ ‘Boyfriend,’ and ‘Til I Forget About You,’ this band had such a major cultural impact. We were sad to see them go. Now, like we just said, a Big Time Rush reunion is potentially on the horizon, and we can’t wait. Fans were greeted on social media today by the guys, Stephen Glickman, and the official BTR account with brand new, all red profile pictures.

We don’t know about you, but we’re having SO. MANY. FEELINGS about a Big Time Rush Reunion. There’s no official word yet on what this social media update means for a potential reunion, whether it’s new music, a tour, etc. What we do know is that we’re sitting here anxiously awaiting more updates. If there’s a tour coming, you know you’ll be able to catch us in the front row!

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One Direction

Come on, it wouldn’t be a list of bands we want to see reunite if it didn’t include One Direction. 1D fans know everything there is to know about arguably the biggest boyband of our generation, but as a quick refresher, these guys were the boyband/artist of the 2010s. We, like the rest of you, miss these boys so much. OT5 for life, not that we don’t love supporting their solo careers too! What we wouldn’t give to be able to hear some of their iconic bops live and in person one more time. We would drain our bank accounts for One Direction no questions asked. You can find us screaming to ‘No Control’ at the top of our lungs on any given long drive, we know we’re not alone in that.


We have to pay homage to the OGs who paved the way. Before One Direction and Big Time Rush, there was *NSYNC. The cultural impact of this band is unmatched to this day. ‘Bye Bye Bye’ is still a bop after all these years and without fail, every single May you can find the ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ memes flooding the internet. We would love a chance to dance and sing along to this band again, whether it be to new music or a reunion tour of some kind. Catch us doing all the choreography in the pit.

Big Time Rush reunion
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Destiny’s Child

Let’s make the jump over to a girl group for a minute. Sorry, not a girl group but the girl group. Destiny’s Child brought us iconic tracks like ‘Bills, Bills, Bills,’ ‘Survivor,’ and the forever iconic ‘Say My Name.’ TBH, if you look up iconic in a dictionary, you’d probably find ‘Say My Name’ as the entry. And of course, Destiny’s Child brought us none other than Queen Bey herself! We got a small taste of a Destiny’s Child reunion back in 2018 at Beychella and that was already too hot to handle, imagine if we got a full reunion tour! We’re emotional just thinking about it.

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Union J

So, X-Factor seems to be a popular form of boyband creation. Union J formed in 2011, finishing fourth on the ninth season of the X-Factor. During the active part of their career, they released bops like ‘Loving You Is Easy’ and ‘You Got It All,’ and even toured with The Vamps! Like Big Time Rush, Union J was active pretty recently. They dropped an album titled Who Would’ve Thought in 2019 and we haven’t heard from them since. It’s safe to say that we have a thing for missing iconic boybands.


If you stan K-pop girl groups, you’re probably familiar with the impact that 2NE1 had on the industry. These legends paved the way for existing girl groups, and turned the public perception of girl groups in K-pop on its head. Their bold fashion and even bolder music and stage presence solidified this group as pioneers in the industry, setting the scene for girl groups to be seen in a new light. Although 2NE1 officially said ‘Goodbye’ in 2017, part of us is still hoping that there might be a chance to see them perform together again at least one more time.

The Tide

Fun fact, The Tide was also part of The Vamps’ tour around the same time as Union J! When worlds collide right? This band might be a little lesser known to some people but they formed in 2015, making waves with tracks like ‘Young Love’ and ‘Click My Fingers.’ Although their career was a little more short-lived than some of the other artists on this list, we have a feeling that a reunion from these guys would be a lot of fun. Honestly, can we just get a tour with a bunch of these groups combined?

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Clearly, we stan K-pop girl groups here at THP. And why wouldn’t we? It hurts our heart to see them go though. 4Minute is another girl group from K-pop’s past that we would love to see hit the stage again. Debuting in 2009, 4Minute released a ton of bops like ‘HUH (Hit Your Heart)’ and ‘What’s Your Name?’ which was a chart topper. The group won a lot of, well deserved, awards during their active period. We just know that a reunion from them would be iconic.


Okay, we’re not sure if this one counts as wanting a reunion since GOT7 is technically together and on a sort of hiatus, but we’re going to include them anyway because we miss them. If you’re not familiar, GOT7 recently left their company, but have solo music in the works. They released ‘Encore’ in February 2021, so we’re hoping this means we get a comeback sooner rather than later!

The Summer Set

This one is for all of our pop-punk fans out there. How can we possibly describe how much we miss The Summer Set? They brought us bops like ‘Boomerang,’ ‘Lightning In A Bottle,’ and ‘Must Be The Music.’ Every single song was a hit and we miss the high energy, upbeat performances they always gave. Many of the members have their own solo projects going on right now, but we’re still hoping for at least one more taste of The Summer Set as a band.

Whew okay, talk about nostalgia. If a Big Time Rush reunion is possible nearly a decade later, we’re hoping that some of these artists can find a way to come back together too! Did we miss any artists you wanna see? Let us know in the comments or buzz about it on Twitter, find us @TheHoneyPOP!

Keep up with all things music, and any news on the Big Time Rush reunion, here!

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