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On The Radar: The Bees Knees Dig It For You

On The Radar: The Bees Knees Dig It For You

Lots of exciting sounds are coming our way, but what to listen to? That’s the big question! In this week’s edition, discover new bands and enjoy some of our favorite THP acts. You’ll root for these. We feel it! From indie rock’n’roll to summer pop, we have something for you! On our radar this week, find your perfect playlist gem!

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LOWLIFE – ‘Friends’

Do you all hope that lockdowns are something from the past? While we get back quietly to normality, we feel lucky that our relationships are stronger than ever. Even though there was distance, we united. “So I got some friends that I never see / But they still checking up on me / Harder to believe / Cos we’re tighter than we’ll ever be / All my friends have got my back,” sings LOWLIFE on their sophomore single ‘Friends.’ The song, in all its typically British sense of humor, depicts the bond we have with our close circle, in such groovy rhythms.

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No matter which type of music you like, you’ll hear a fluid mix of hip hop, soul, and indie-punk elements. The Sleaford Mods-infused rhymes and the attitude of YUNGBLUD make the perfect combination. Do you wanna start a funny and joyful round of golf or a tennis match with your ‘Friends?’ Watch the golden video here. If you like, there is still space for you to stream while you can! This band will definitely be on our radar for a long time!

The Mysterines – ‘In My Head’

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Do fuzzy guitars and big rock’n’roll sounds attract you? We may have found the new Joan Jett in Lia Metcalfe, the Mysterines frontwoman. On our radar this week, we are hooked to their new single, ‘In Your Head.’ Fans of Don Broco and Royal Blood will love these flashy bass drums. The chords hit like big thunder, aggressively and energetically tickling our ears.

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Do song lyrics haunt you so much that you just keep humming the harmonies even in your sleep? This track has that effect on us! The song is cut to perfection. With the heavy bass lines, the mix of deep vocals, and sensational high notes from The Mysterines singer, we are astonished! It could be seen as a plea to get back our loved ones and become obsessed with them. The song’s meaning is, therefore, more than this. Life sometimes brings us situations out of our control. The devil’s voice runs into our brains. It haunts us like there is no tomorrow. Stream ‘In My Head’ here.

Katy For Kings – ‘Middle Ground’

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Stay down to earth with our radar artist Katy For Kings. Her new track ‘Middle Ground’ leans on acoustic vibes and it sounds marvelous. How did she create that masterpiece? We should thank 5SOS collaborator Chris Bourne and producer John Field, whose previous work includes Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. “In the middle/Of the middle ground/The people around/Do they wanna be with their friends,” she claims on the chorus. Even if we party with a bunch of people we know about, do they care for us? Are you feeling lonely? Her majestic vocal harmonies fit with the soft guitar hums that ascend in big anthemic melancholic notes. The song clearly grows on us. We can’t stop listening to this artist on the rise. Stream and discover her music here.

Camylio – ‘Love And Hate’

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Are there any fans of James Arthur or Lewis Capaldi out there? Camylio rose from fame on TikTok playing covers like his beautiful rendition of Zayn’s ‘Dusk Till Dawn.’ On our radar this week, we play his new single, ‘Love And Hate.’ We are buzzing! The delicate piano intro makes us cry. When it breaks, it’s hard to move on, especially when we have songs associated with these past relationships. Having a ‘Love And Hate’ mood with songs is perfectly normal though. “I hate all the songs/That I used to love,” he sings with his emotional tone. The sad melancholia of the track bites us profoundly and we’ll have plenty of new songs to put on our lovely playlists. This one is part of it. We can’t wait to hear Camylio’s debut EP later this year. Stream ‘Love And Hate’ here and let your teary eyes control you!

MarthaGunn – ‘Undone’

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Every time we hear about Martha Gunn, we know we will fall in love instantly with their new material. The wait is not too long until their debut album Something Good Will Happen. They just dropped another surreal song ‘Undone’ to tide us over, as wait for album release day on September 17th. We are under the charms of the dazzling synthpop beats and the blissful vocals of Abi Woodman. With very raw emotions and a superb rhythmic groove, the song goes from sadness to happiness in a few seconds. The bass lines hook us up altogether in a psychedelic indie modern vibe. Do you want to experience this and more on tour? Get MarthaGunn tickets and info about the new album here! Stream ‘Undone’ whenever you want here!

Demob Happy – ‘Sympathy Boy’

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If the producers of Stranger Things need some music tips, we guess this Demob Happy track fits perfectly with the soundscape aesthetic of the show. ‘Sympathy Boy’ has got such a viral intro that it gets stuck in our heads. The ‘baggy’ era is back with that hypnotic psych-pop. Mixed by Nothing But Thieves, Dom Craik, the repetitive lyrics “Have a bit of sympathy/Get a bit of nature boy” just stick around our brains. We sing along every time we hear it.

Image Source: Richard Stow

It’s better to be kind and it’s better all the time,” Demob Happy chants in the lovely bridge. ‘Sympathy Boy’ radiates positivity. It sends hope for our future. This band will stay on our radar for a long time. Before we forget, we hope Reading and Leeds festival attendees enjoy them on stage too! For more details on their upcoming UK tour, head over here. If these retrofuturist synthpop vibes are for you, don’t forget to stream the track from the place of your choice! Click here!

James Vincent McMorrow- ‘Paradise’

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James Vincent McMorrow’s project Co-Living Culture showed us the incredible talent this singer-songwriter has. His fifth album, Grapefruit Season, is coming on September 17th. Let’s admit it, we can’t contain our excitement. “Don’t forget to breathe/ Living in the warmth is something/It won’t be long/Before we’re back there again,” sings James Vincent McMorrow on ‘Paradise,’ his most recent single. We love these countryside feel-good beats that surround us with so much positivity. After exploring melancholic folk on his first records, the Irish composer comes around with some great surprises.

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Image Source: Evan Doherty

On ‘Gone,’ he goes tropical and hip-hop with the help of Kenny Beats. Then, you’ve got ‘Paradise’ where he shows us to never give up. He stares with hope to the future. James Vincent McMorrow gets back to his guitar roots but shines with some electronic elements that warm the heart. Catch his beautiful rhymes on tour! More details can be found here. Also, don’t forget to grab your copies of Grapefruit Season. Preorder here.

Wavves – ‘Caviar’

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We jump with joy every time we get new music from Wavves. There’s no need to ‘Hideaway’ to feel the sun on our skin and appreciate a bit of luxury with some ‘Caviar.’ Do you feel romantic today? You’ll adore these comfortable lyrics and the guitar soft psychedelic hums. “Who will hold you till you’re better?/ I don’t care if we’re together/I’ll come home to you when I wanna/And that’s the end girl/Forever,” croons Wavves with delightful sunny tones. Gear up for some summer ephemeral love. The folk guitar riffs and cute cymbals create a lot of serotonin and we love this flower-power-infused track. Produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, sail on the sea of dreams with the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Stream ‘Caviar’ here while relaxing under the starry-sky night!

What suits your musical world this week? Which track fits your mood? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Do you want to keep afloat with new releases? We got some more interesting soundscapes for you here!

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