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Payno Premiers: Welcome, Jessia!

Payno Premiers: Welcome, Jessia!

Okay, honey bees, we are so excited for Liam Payne’s upcoming new artist showcase Here’s To The Future on July 31st. Liam will be gracing our Veeps screens once again, but this time with a spin! In true Liam form, he is handing over the spotlight, to introduce us to a host of incredibly talented artists, who you may not be too ‘Familiar’ with yet!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’re bringing you all the tea on these artists as they’re announced! How cool would it be if we can all sing along to these performances, and feel like we know a bit more about these artists, prior to the show? This is our vow to you: When Payno drops a new artist announcement for the show, we’re gonna drop an intro to that artist too! We’re deep diving so you don’t have to! So settle down, grab some snacks, and get to know the artists Liam has chosen to showcase! Because if he loves them, chances are we will too! We already brought you the joy that is Sam MacPherson, and now it’s time for Jessia!

Introducing: Jessia
Image Source: Jessia Official Facebook

Hooray, the second artist for the show has been announced, and it’s our friend, Jessia! We are so stoked! Jessia is an incredible singer and songwriter from Vancouver, and one of 2021’s most inspiring breakout artists. Jessia already has millions of streams and countless views under her belt, in fact, we bet this isn’t the ‘First Time’ you’ve heard Jessia’s music, she’s all over TikTok. Plus, if you’re an avid The Honey POP reader (as you should be!) then you’ll already know Jessia anyway!

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THP and Jessia have a “Whole Lot Of History”

We had the joy of chatting exclusively to Jessia back in May, when her mega tune ‘I’m Not Pretty’ blew up all over TikTok, and we just knew we’d see Jessia’s success skyrocket! It was so lovely to chat to Jessia and find out all about her, her sound, and her musical journey, so we were so happy and excited to learn that Jessia had been chosen for Liam’s Here’s To The Future showcase! We clocked Jessia’s star potential months ago, and we’re smiling from ear to ear at THP HQ, that she will have such a major spotlight on July 31st!

“[Music is] my therapy. I write to get me through the day and clear my head. If other people like it, then that’s just the cherry on top. It’s weird coming into this now, as my career is based on being vulnerable. Like, my job is to allow people to peek into my brain and my thoughts. I love it but it’s a strange thing to settle into.”

Jessia, in conversation with the honey pop

We’re already huge fans of Jessia, but we’ve gone on a deep dive into her discography since the announcement. How would we summarise Jessia’s sound? We’re gonna go with “authentic, unapologetic fire.” Jessia made her debut in 2018 with ‘Eclipse’ and saw her vital hit ‘I’m Not Pretty’ take over the world at the start of 2021. Her entire musical catalogue is an iconic vibe, and we’ve been playing it on a loop here at THP HQ. We loved celebrating ‘I’m Not Pretty’ with you all, so now we’re bringing you our other favorite songs. We hope Jessia performs these for the show!

‘I Should Quit’

Of course we’re gonna hype up Jessia’s brand new single ‘I Should Quit.’ We promise you, it’s gonna be stuck in your heads, like it is ours! It’s like Jessia has taken our relationship drama straight from our diaries, and written a song for us! We got called out! The track is real, catchy, and… spicy! We’ve got to be honest, when we see an explicit warning on the song stream, we know we’re probably in for a good time. “I should quit having friends with benefits / ‘Cause it always f*cks me up real bad / I should quit hanging out with degenerates / But they always the most fun I’ve ever had.” This iconic song dives into falling for a somewhat disastrous relationship that you know you should walk away from, but the curiosity and thrill keeps you hooked. Sadly, we’ve been there and got the t-shirt! Musically this track slaps, hard. We cannot wait to see Jessia perform it live, and we’re just imagining how hard she’ll slay this on stage. Make sure you’re streaming ‘I Should Quit’ now, and ‘Tell Your Friends’ to do the same!

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‘Really Nice To Think About’

Jessia dropped ‘Really Nice To Think About’ back in 2020, and it’s still blasting through our speakers. The chorus goes so hard on this track, it’s got to be in our top Jessia songs. “Why do I give into you / I know I’m being used / I tell myself just say no / Then wake up in your bed without my clothes.” Hello, this is a message to Jessia, please stop calling us out. Thanks Queen. 👑

We absolutely love the sense of humor Jessia injects into this tune, with the little lyrical break of laughter at 2:30. It’s like we interrupted Jessia’s inner monologue mid song, showing her lighthearted personality, as she laughs at herself: “Just say no / Just say no Jess / Just say no / Just say no.” We absolutely love this tune and we promise you’ll be singing it after the first listen. We know Jessia’s songs ‘I’m Not Pretty’ and ‘I Should Quit’ are more recent, but we’re really hoping to hear this song on July 31st too. It’s absolute fire.

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We’re so hyped for Jessia and can’t wait for her to feel the love and support of this fandom. Liam wants to use his platform to showcase artists like Jessia, what do you say we join him? Let’s do Liam proud, and use our powerful platform as fans, to stream Jessia’s music and adopt her as our own. Welcome to the family Jessia, we’re slightly unstable, but we’re loyal and we have cookies, so… 🍪

Here’s To The Future

Watch this space as we bring you the latest Here’s To The Future announcements, and introduce you to these incredible artists. You can get your tickets for Liam’s Here’s To The Future Veeps show, here. Or better yet, enter our giveaway, for the chance to win 1 of 4 tickets to the show!

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Which songs are you excited to hear from Jessia? What songs do you hope Liam performs in his set? What kind of artist do you want to see showcased? Come on over and ‘Say It All’ down in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz over to our socials, @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Caroline Wang and Afnan Acharki for The Honey POP

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