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Rich People Travels To Introspective Alternative ‘Instead’

Rich People Travels To Introspective Alternative ‘Instead’

And nails it. Rich People recollects reinvents, and rocks a new sound of introspective alternative with their latest single ‘Instead.’

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Last summer, the Philadelphia-based band released LP Harmony, which held a uniqueness that set them apart. Now the band has brought forth a strewn of singles that provide the same type of collaboration of contextual poetry, power jams, and vocals as before. Though this time with a superior spin that is nothing like we’ve ever expected while also being everything we need. 

Members Rob Rich and Blake Horner have worked tirelessly to reinvent a sound that they’re exceptionally proud of. Now it’s here for the people to experience.

We’re really just having fun with it currently and trying to push the boundaries of what people like to box us into. I think that we’re really enjoying the new sounds because most of our favorite artists right now utilize a lot of electronic elements. It just feels right.

Blake Horner

Feels right, sounds right. Plus, what’s more fun than pushing boundaries? Following in the footsteps of their recent releases, ‘Instead’ breaks free from them all, producing a limitless sound like never before. Rob took to TikTok to talk about the single and the meaning behind it.


New Song “Instead” Streaming Everywhere Now. I almost ended this saying “happy birthday Rob”. Enjoy

♬ original sound – richpeopleband

Rich People – ‘Instead’

An ode to being present in the moment, showing up, limiting distractions, and things out of your control, the vibes of the song seem to match. Liberating in all ways the eclectic electronic sound comes from a powerful production. Listen for yourself here:

Finding a more experimental sound, they’ve used the last few releases to find footing in something new. Rich People has always found fans on any type of bill, but their latest songs have them breaking away even further from being bound to any specific group of artistry.

When we released “Real Close” earlier in the year, I think it really threw some of our already existing fans off because it didn’t sound similar to the usual darker undertones and alternative roots that we’ve repped since the beginning.

Blake Horner

Rich People – ‘Real Close’

While we love everything alternative and dark, we equally love a band that experiments and evolves. The best part of this band’s evolution? They’re having fun doing it. Of course, it sounding stellar helps too.

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The future is bright, refined, and real. The future is Rich People.

What do you love most about the new tracks? Which one is your favorite? Let us know what’s on your mind! Comment down below or catch us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

Need more new tunes? Always.


Featured Image Source: Rich People on Instagram

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