Remain Calm! Nicholas Hamilton Is Releasing His Debut EP!

Remain Calm! Nicholas Hamilton Is Releasing His Debut EP!

In the span of the seven months since we heard ‘Different Year’ (Nicholas’s debut single) he’s become one of our favorite artists. The vulnerability Nicholas Hamilton puts into his music is a large part of why that is!

As we’re writing this now, in July, Nicholas Hamilton has just released his single ‘Pretty Young,’ as well as announced his debut EP bearing the same name! We couldn’t be more excited to hear all of these tracks and have them on a constant loop! But for now, let’s gush all about ‘Pretty Young’ the song!

Stream ‘Pretty Young’ here!

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Image Source: On The Map PR

One thing we always notice right away in a Nicholas Hamilton song is how incredible his voice sounds. It’s always the best when an artist is singing tracks that you can tell are personal. Nicholas is one of the best up-and-coming singer-songwriters out there, no doubt.

‘Pretty Young’ is reflective, you hear Nicholas Hamilton looking back on his past and the memories of childhood while also singing about what more he has to offer this world. There’s no doubt in our minds that people are going to latch onto ‘Pretty Young’ as well as the new EP.

First off, this video is produced by Nicholas Hamilton himself! The talent never ends with this guy! As an actor, it’s no wonder he presents so wonderfully on camera and can convey emotions so well. You get to see Nicholas Hamilton in a movie theater in his hometown of Byron Bay as he is reminiscing on simpler times. It’s an honest representation of the message of ‘Pretty Young!’

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Featured Image Source: Mike Falzone & Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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