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The Space Jam Sequel Soundtrack Is Truly Jammin’

The Space Jam Sequel Soundtrack Is Truly Jammin’

It’s been over 20 years since Space Jam starring basketball legend Michael Jordan came out, and a sequel to the cartoon meets reality film is long overdue. Luckily Space Jam: A New Legacy starring modern-day basketball god Lebron James is out soon (July 16th), and we’ll finally get to see what the Looney Tunes gang has been up to in the past 20 years since they last had a basketball tournament. As if that wasn’t already great news, the soundtrack for the film is already out now! Here are our track-by-track thoughts on the Space Jam sequel soundtrack!

Image Source: Courtesy of Republic Records and Warner Bros. Pictures

‘We Win’ –  Lil Baby & Kirk Franklin

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We’re starting strong with ‘We Win,’ and just as the title suggests, it’s about winning, and not just saying it, but also believing in yourself that you will. Like most gospel songs, it’s genuinely empowering, and Lil Baby‘s voice complements it well. Not too slow, not too hard, the perfect start to a bopping soundtrack.

‘Control The World’ – 24kGoldn (feat. Lil Wayne)

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This song is all about vulnerability, not being able to control yourself, let alone the world. It speaks on levels of insecurity and is most definitely going to be used in a low point during the film. It’s definitely a banger and guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day, which is great for when you’re in your feels, not to mention the fantastic artists who made it, 24kGoldn and Lil Wayne.

‘See Me Fly’ – Chance The Rapper, John Legend, and Symba

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An instant pick-me-up song from the previous track, adding a boost of confidence after being in your feels. Not to mention, the voices of Chance The Rapper, John Legend and Symba don’t hurt this song at all. ‘See Me Fly’ is about overcoming anything to succeed and eventually “fly.” Again, a great piece to listen to boost your confidence up after a session of being in your feels.

‘Hoops’ –  Saweetie (Feat. Salt-N-Peppa & Kash Doll)

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This song screams girl power and we love to see it. With these amazing women (Saweetie, Salt-N-Peppa and Kash Doll) on the track, who can blame us. ‘Hoops’ is precisely the empowering song left out of the first film’s soundtrack. Basketball is more often seen as a male sport, so with ‘Hoops,’ the film is aware of this and most likely will have a moment where they question the female player similar to the first film. We don’t know about you, but we hope Lola Bunny has a cool player montage with this song in the background.

‘Pump Up The Jam’ – Lil Uzi Vert

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‘Pump Up The Jam’ may sound familiar, and that’s because it’s a new rendition of an older song, but not just any old song, one of the most iconic songs that came out of the first Space Jam. This modern new take by Lil Uzi Vert includes audio simulating an actual basketball game while its lyrics talk about events after reaching fame and fortune. “How’d I end up in Space Jam” is a phrase we’d be saying to if we got to be a part of a sequel this cool.

‘Just For Me’ – SAINt JHN (Feat. SZA)

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Just For Me‘ slows down the momentum for us a little bit and reminds us of something we all need in our lives… love. The love song by SAINt JHN featuring the queen herself, SZA, starts off describing the fear of love, before realizing it’s beautiful. It makes us wonder who’s going to be falling in love during the film? Who’s going to be feeling SZA’s verse and wondering if it’s “too late” for love. So many questions, which makes us more excited to see the film.

‘Crowd Go Crazy’ – John Legend

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Picking the pace back up, this song is all about teamwork and the amazing things that can happen when working in a team. John Legend is a king for songwriting, so we already knew this song would be amazing, but the good feeling it gives you is indescribable. Watch the lyric video above to see for yourself and get some great visuals from the film.

‘Mercy’ – Jonas Brothers 

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Where are all our fellow Jo bro fans at?! Taking a different approach, the Jonas Brothers are singing about a girl who’s “unbelievable” while begging for, well, ‘Mercy.’ The song is super high energy, so we can expect to hear this song playing as the game happens, maybe when a girl is shooting baskets? Probably Lola Bunny, voiced by our queen Zendaya. 

‘Gametime’ – Lil Tecca & Aminé

[apple_music_ad artist=”Lil Tecce & Aminé” song=”Gametime”]

Like the title suggests, this song will probably be a part of when the big game happens. This song represents confidence and manifestation; instead of believing you’ll win, knowing you’re going to win, no questions. You can see the team rolling up and intimidating everyone and knowing it will be a good game.

‘About That Time’ – Dame D.O.L.L.A, G-Eazy, P-Lo & White Dane

[apple_music_ad artist=”Dame D.O.L.L.A” song=”About That Time”]

This track feels very villain-y and call us crazy, but it’s a vibe, like when you’re seen as an underdog, and you finally start gaining on the other team. With Lebron being on team Looney, this has to be about the opposite side beginning to beat the Looney Tunes. A good game indeed, just like this song.


[apple_music_ad artist=”Brockhampton” song=”MVP”]

Continuing with the villain vibes, BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘MVP’ is very reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s rap which throws back to the original Space Jam; whether that was intentional or not still really cool. Overall this bop and has some sick beats and will be added to our playlist.

‘Settle The Score’ – Cordae & DUCKWRTH

[apple_music_ad artist=”Cordae & Duckworth” song=”Settle The Score”]

Another excellent action song, keeping up with the villain energy, you can tell this song is a climax of the whole soundtrack. The sound alone says tensions are high, it’s all or nothing, and that things are about to get dirty. Let’s see how it’ll play out in the film.

‘Goin’ Looney’ – Big Freedia

[apple_music_ad artist=”Big Freedia” song=”Goin’ Looney”]

Judging by the title alone, this track is a takeover song favoring the Looney Tunes team for sure. A quick burst of confidence after being kicked down for a while. This song is sure to bring your spirits up in times of need; remember to go “looney.”

‘Shoot My Shot’ – Joyner Lucas

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‘Shoot My Shot’ is the perfect song to play after overcoming a huge obstacle, and you’re feeling yourself. It also reminds us never to give up, primarily if you’ve worked super hard for something; you never know how close you are to winning, whether it be in a game or just in life.

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‘My Guy’ – Leon Bridges

[apple_music_ad artist=”Leon Bridges” song=”My Guy”]

Slowing things down a little bit, this track is all about being there for your friends no matter what. With a catchy beat, catchy lyrics, and overall a beautiful message, this is one of the best tracks on the entire soundtrack; get ready for some tears when you listen to it.

‘The Best’ – Anthony Ramos

[apple_music_ad artist=”Anthony Ramos” song=”The Best”]

The closing tune of the Space Jam: A New Legacy soundtrack, is from the super talented Anthony Ramos, who you may know from the Broadway show Hamilton or this summer’s hi movie musical In The Heightsso it’s no surprise he’s included in this soundtrack full of great artists. ‘The Best’ talks about letting people you love do what’s “the best” for them and supporting them the whole way through. It makes us wonder how the film is going to end if this is the last track? Hopefully, everyone gets ‘The Best’ in the end!

We’re so excited for the film to drop. Don’t forget to check out Space Jam: A New Legacy in theatres and on HBO Max July 16th. We’ll see you there!

What do you think of the soundtrack? Let us know in the comments down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP.

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Featured Image Source: Space Jam: A New Legacy’s Official Twitter

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