Baby Queen Signs Your Yearbook Very Soon!

Baby Queen Signs Your Yearbook Very Soon!

She became our Web guru with her debut single ‘Internet Religion.’ Since then, Baby Queen showed us her stylish creations with bangs. She’s not afraid to defy the boundaries of music and explore different styles. The London-based artist strikes again with her new single ‘You Shaped Hole.’

Image Source: Baby Queen on Instagram

Back To School

What does Baby Queen write in her Yearbook? What do we know so far about what’s coming up? The mixtape, as the singer calls it, will be fulfilled with bangers. She’s not afraid to share her ‘Raw Thoughts’ in slinky melodies that hit the head like The 1975 aesthetic. Follow the new pop sensation journey into the nightlife and young experiments of the big city with love, lust, and darkness.

From ‘Dover Beach’ to sweet ‘American Dreams’ collaboration with Australian newcomer MAY-A, we’re looking forward to this mixture of genres that only Baby Queen rambles about. It’s out September 3rd, and we already put some cash aside for it! Pre-order Bay Queen’s Yearbook here! Which personality fits you best? Are you the nerdy, the popular chick, or the grunge one?

Heartbreaks? Everything’s Fine!

Are you ready for another ‘Heartbreak Anthem’? Baby Queen spills the tea on her new single’s gritty chorus. “Stop listening to the music you listen to But I still look at all your photos, so what’s the use? I can do any f*cking thing that I want to do But therе’s a hole inside of me and it’s shapеd like you,” she pleads on ‘You Shaped Hole.’ Giving up is not easy, but freedom and strength is the most important thing to keep in mind. If you still jam to Taylor Swift’s 1989, this new track is the savior to your heartaches.

The melodies instantly gain our lovely feelings and uplift our mood. The bold pop guitars float dreamily, along with Baby Queen’s low tones and bright vocals. We are hooked to these artsy vibes where pop production can be joyful, but leaving powerful messages at the same time. Stream ‘You Shaped Hole’ here.

Who’s ready for the big back-to-school September bash with Baby Queen? Which songs are you most excited to hear? Pre-order the Yearbook mixtape here and let us know your expectations on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

Image Source: Plastic Fruit Studio

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Featured Image Source: Clark Franklyn

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