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BTS’ World Of Genres Behind Billboard’s 7-Weeks Showstopper ‘Butter’

BTS’ World Of Genres Behind Billboard’s 7-Weeks Showstopper ‘Butter’

Okay, we are not going to lose our calm over BTS rocking the summer disco-pop genre with ‘Butter‘ anymore because we need to get over thi- hold on. ‘Butter’ hit the seventh consecutive week reigning the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 now? Change of plans, we are losing it, we are losing it!

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Yes, we woke up falling off our beds again looking at the charts this morning where ARMY has finally gifted the grandest gift to BTS- one week at the Billboard #1 for every member each! Proud is our middle name right now. Nothing can be more fulfilling than to see BTS and ARMY making history, together as one.

“We’re just BTS, and you’re ARMY. And, at the same time, you guys are BTS and we’re your ARMY.”

BTS’ 2019 Speak Yourself ending ment at Rose Bowl, Los Angeles

Seeing the overwhelming reaction from the boys, all we can say is that they deserve so much more and that nothing would ever be enough for that matter!

Are You Even A Music Lover Without BTS?

As we celebrate this grand win, we raise a toast to all the musical genres BTS has explored and aced, that our playlists would be so lost without. ARMY or no ARMY. They have established, time and again, that they’re not just international sensations, but also an overflowing warehouse of sheer talent who never hold back from experimenting and give seasoned musicians all over the world a run for their money. No matter who you are, what you do, where you live or what you like, if music is your thing- BTS will always have something for you! And let’s be honest, music is everybody’s thing!

Image Source: Tenor

EDM in BTS’ Hands Is Pure Art On A Musical Sheet

BTS exploring the genre of Electronic Dance Music is probably the closest thing you’ll feel to escaping into an alternate universe through time travel and dance along as you do!

Opening with a high pitched whistle glissando, following into dynamic strings to the pulsating beat drum and climaxing to a heavy EDM drop, ‘DNA’ wastes no second in hooking your attention from the very first microsecond of the song. It is the jam that will lift your spirits on an astronomical level. And V‘s deeper-than-the-Pacific breathy voice in the bridge? Vibe check on an incomparable level!

If ‘DNA’ got your heart pumping, we bet ‘So What’ will make you want to scream your lungs out jamming to it. We would probably recommend soundproofing your walls before because um- we have had experiences. And ‘Outro: Ego?’ You should hear that out for yourself because we haven’t created an adjective that justifies it yet.

Guard Your Hearts Well, BTS’ R&B Has Perfect Aim

Did you ask why we’re so insatiably hooked to the Bangtan Boys? Find us seven boys who show us what romance should sound like and make us hopelessly smitten with the idea of being in love. Yeah, you get the idea now because BTS working R&B is your life hack to discover the finest things in music (and life).

The sweetheart with the stare to assassinate, Kim Taehyung aka V isn’t one to shy away from indulging in some sultry bedroom neo-soul in his single ‘Singularity’ and it’s a blank check from our side if you don’t blush listening to this-

The Maknae Line loves out loud and beautiful. May we present Jimin‘s alternative R&B ‘Serendipity’ from Love Yourself: Answer and Jungkook‘s unofficial masterpiece with a jazz touch ‘Still With You’ that came out of the Festa 2020 gift bag? Excuse us, we will just run off to pull the comforter, dim the lights and bask in the glory of peace, love, identity and purpose. Courtesy of, the Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

And since the best things always come in seven, we have the OT7 ‘I Need U,’ a groovy R&B ecstasy with a slight twist for you! Spoiler alert: the unmatched beauty of highly intense scenes showcasing the dark side of love might fill you with more serotonin than you can handle, and take second guesses if BTS isn’t already K-drama legends as well.

Classical BTS? Mood.

Remember the ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ era? One word for it- art.

Images Source: Amino Apps

A hybrid of moombahton and trap genres housing layered sync of spacey chill house beats, airy synths and rhythmic claps, ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ brings in an artistic melancholy with the breathy falsettos and cascading crooning. It’s a whole new singing style for BTS. The MV is bathed in Baroque and Renaissance imagery, following the theme of Icarus and his fall. It presents a lyrical story line of fallen angels and demons, sin, temptation and acceptance of imperfection.

Another exemplary pick of the lot is ‘Black Swan’ from the album Map of The Soul: 7 where BTS has made extraordinary work with some trap drum beats, lo-fi guitar, acapella layering and an orchestral undertone. They have also used a traditional 12 stringed Korean instrument, the gayageum for the piece, once again priding themselves in and expressing the beauties of their legacy.

“It was a new experience for us. ‘Black Swan’ is a confession by artists, so we wanted to focus on bringing out an artistic atmosphere.”

BTS member Park Jimin about the art film in ‘Black Swan’ music video

The MV shot in Los Angeles Theatre holds the place for one of the most intense and intricate choreographies BTS has performed and if you had seen our faces while watching it, that would have conveyed it all. It follows the themes of good and evil, along with the very personal touch of an artist and his shadows.

Well, if you found a favorite in this genre, you might want to listen to the septet’s lead emo pop and grunge rock single from Love Yourself: Tear, ‘Fake Love’ that captures an unattainable dream of a perfect love and the visuals are one of BTS’ most aesthetically bewitching of all time.

Following closely is also the fiery and unabashed comeback to haters, ‘Idol’ from Love Yourself: Answer, based on the Korean genre Pansori and using classical instruments like the gakgung and electronica, where BTS combine Korean folk percussion with South African bass, creating the immaculate blend of tradition and style.

Pop Might Hit Home, But It Hits Hard Nevertheless

When it comes to the forte of BTS, we have more hits than we can count on both hands.

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Be it the happy go lucky ‘Boy With Luv’ who introduced many of us to the BTSverse in the first place or the mellow pop ‘Pied Piper’ where they intended to “take over us,” and be pretty unapologetic about it, all the while subtly calling our obsessive inner fans out and hinting that the allure of a boy band isn’t the last dream in the world to chase.

A band that asks us to love ourselves and our dreams before them and theirs? Now you see why we’re so whipped.

BTS has also delved into the emo-pop genre with ARMY’s personal favorite ‘Mikrokosmos’ where they speak of how every one of us is one of the infinite specs on the canvas of the universe, but still, matter so indispensably. No wonder it holds a special exclusive corner of our hearts and we always shed a tear by the end of it. Or more like sob the heck of our chests…

“Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful / Is not because of these stars or lights, but us. You see buildings with their lights on late at night and that’s someone working hard at something. Each one of those lights is what gives us these beautiful nighttime city views. The song is about giving courage and comfort to those people by talking about this warm attention and praise for all of these people.”

BTS member J-HOPE about ‘Mikrokosmos’

BTS has also aced the Latin pop genre with ‘Airplane Pt. 2’ and their pop-rock ballad list shines exquisitely too, with ‘Spring Day,’ ‘Truth Untold,’ ‘Magic Shop’-  we could do this all day.

Hip Hop Doesn’t Get Any Hotter Than This

Okay, we’re already hyped up, just by thinking of BTS clad in the robes of this genre. In a nerve, even if the world was ending, we wouldn’t mind if it did to the background music of BTS hip hop!

Image Source: Tenor

The best swaggering disses of the BTS discography and one of the most epic examples of musical finesse by the Rap Line listening to which you simply can’t keep to your seats- ladies and gentlemen, ‘Ddaeng.’ There ain’t nothing more beautiful than BTS’ unofficial track-lists.

The hip hop track with a glint of trap gets its title from the onomatopoeic word “Ddaeng” which is a move in the Korean card game Go-Stop (Hwatu) and is slang for good luck or fortune that occurs by chance. And do you know what happens when the Vocal Line decides to join in on the fire?- find out for yourself:

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We know, grab a cloth, wipe that sweat. By this time, if you’re probably wondering how long we have been here- long enough to appreciate RM rap “to all the youngsters without dreams” and drool over our Baby Mochi flaunting his well looked after physique to the chorus of ‘No More Dream.’

BTS’ debut song had already envisioned the glorious dream that is their life now. A heavy rap and hip hop blend with deep bass, ‘No More Dream’ is not one to skip.

Making into the hot list of BTS’ best hip hop tracks is also the sassy ‘Mic Drop,’ the sensual ‘Baepsae,’ the powerful ‘Attack on Bangtan’ and the heavy bass ‘Not Today.’ Not to mention SUGA‘s top of the line ‘Daechwita.’ Go ahead, take a blind pick- it’s a win-win anyway.

Folk Indie That Is Our 24×7 Soul Paradise

Phew, tired yet? Not BTS. Making their mark on the Folk Indie genre is the self-written, self-composed, self-produced and self-sung track ‘Sweet Night’ by BTS member V, becoming his third English song and OST for Netflix series Itaewon Class. It’s an acoustic indie pop low-tempo ballad with lyrics that are going to give your heart a tough time deciding if it’s supposed to melt or break. And that signature Taehyung voice- we could listen to it all day, all night, forever and beyond.

“If you / Are too good to be true? / And would it be alright if I / Pulled you closer / How could I know? / One day, I’d wake up feeling more / But I had already reached the shore / Guess we were ships in the night / Night, night.”

Specializing in the genre, Tae co-produced and co-wrote yet another indie gem along with leader RM in the form of ‘4 o’clock.’ The song is lyrical eloquence at its pinnacle and is inspired by Vmin‘s famous ‘Dumpling Incident’ to give us major friendship goals of all time:

Images Source: Koreaboo

We know you’re crying, we’ll pass the tissue, but are they happy tears or emotional ones? Because we’ve been struggling to decide for ourselves. For a long time now.

Comment below your favorite genre and the ones we missed, because we know we did when we lost count! With the 7th consecutive week of reigning the Billboard Hot 100, BTS have surely come a long way and “these seven normal kids who love music and performance… who have a dream to give hope and love and positive energy and inspiration to the people in the world” are doing just that.

The ‘Butter’ Single CD is out now and don’t forget to catch their latest hit ‘Permission To Dance‘ making its US TV premiere on NBC’S The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

How long you have been ARMY for, and if you weren’t, did this discography make you want to be one? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Because we purple BTS so bad in this hive, we are going to let you in on our best stuff because what else are friends for, right?


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