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Payno Premiers: Olivia Dean

Payno Premiers: Olivia Dean

Okay, honey bees, we are so excited for Liam Payne’s upcoming new artist showcase Here’s To The Future on July 31st. Liam will be gracing our Veeps screens once again, but this time with a spin! In true Liam form, he is handing over the spotlight to introduce us to a host of incredibly talented artists, who you may not be too ‘Familiar’ with yet!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’re bringing you all the tea on these artists as they’re announced! How cool would it be if we can all sing along to these performances, and feel like we know a bit more about these artists, prior to the show? When Payno drops a new artist announcement for the show, we’re dropping an intro to that artist too! We’re deep diving so you don’t have to! So settle down, grab some snacks, and get to know the artists Liam has chosen to showcase! Because if he loves them, chances are we will too!

Introducing: Olivia Dean
Image Source: Theo Batterham

And then there were three! We already brought you the joys that are Sam MacPherson and Jessia, now it’s time to welcome Olivia Dean! We’re so excited and we’ve loved checking out Olivia’s music!

Olivia Dean is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter from Walthamstow, London, and has been working towards her dream since she was eight! Olivia followed her dream which earned her a place at the BRIT school in London. The leading Performing and Creative Arts school in the UK. Does that sound familiar? Well, it should, as it boasts alumni like Jade Thirlwall and GRACEY! Olivia’s big break came in 2018 when she shared her covers on SoundCloud and got signed! Olivia sites her inspirations as Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Carole King, and Paul Simon, to name a few, and we love feeling and hearing that influence in her music! Driven by independence and empowerment, Olivia is vocal about misogyny, and we love to see it!

“It just makes sense for my videos to be directed by women because there’s so many talented female directors that just don’t get a look-in! This is something I plan to continue doing for the foreseeable, so I will really be trying to find as many women as I can. Come and join the party!”

Olivia dean for nme

We’ve loved checking out Olivia’s music, which we’re gonna summarize as “realistic soul that slaps,” but what are our favorite songs? Well, we’ve done a deep dive on Olivia Dean’s discography, and as difficult as it was, we’ve pulled two of our faves, that we’d love to see Olivia perform on July 31st!


Olivia’s latest single is a beautifully sultry soul number, with a haunting piano instrumental. Get to streaming it, right here! We can hear every crisp detail of Olivia’s stunning vocals throughout the song, and we literally have goosebumps on our faces. The vocal layered harmonies have sent us. While we can pull out each layer for their beautiful tones, they also melt together like butter. It’s exquisite. ‘Slowly’ is a stunning and effortless piano ballad, full of softness and power. “Down in Margate had a sip of you \ And it went straight to my head \ I could’ve opened up, cried and almost been myself \ But I took the p*ss instead.”

The song is a relatable and vulnerable tale of falling in love, and the tentative fear of letting yourself fall, maybe due to a past experience, or even your own self-worth, and just needing that extra patience from a partner. Olivia sings of needing to “catch her breath,” and honestly, that’s what we had to do after taking in her soothing and soulful tones. We’re obsessed with this song, can you tell?

[apple_music_ad artist=”Olivia Dean” song=”Slowly”]

‘Ok Love You Bye’

We don’t even care that we’ve picked a song from 2019 for our next fave! This song is it. Her EP of the same name, ‘Ok Love You Bye; is bringing such a different vibe to her most recent single. This 2019 track is just power vibes. This is a relationship song, but it’s none of that lovey-dovey stuff. Nope. Olivia has penned the soundtrack to the often very real side of long-term relationships… the bit where you get on each other’s nerves! It’s the bickering, the fights, the forgiveness, and everything in between. “It’s funny how when it’s upside down \ I push through, I just put up with you.” Been there!

This song picks up the tempo, with the stunning gospel choir intro, and with those soulful beats kicking off this track, we knew we’d love it in the first five seconds. We think this song would be so amazing live, on July 31st! It’s an official bop, and the energy around this song would be incredible at the Here’s To The Future showcase. Please, Olivia, we’re gonna need this in your set!

[apple_music_ad artist=”Olivia Dean” song=”Ok Love You Bye”]

We are so excited to see Olivia smash these songs live. Olivia seems like the kind of artist, that goes even harder on stage! We can’t wait for her to feel the love and support of this fandom. Liam wants to use his platform to showcase artists like Olivia Dean, what do you say we join him? Let’s do Liam proud, and use our powerful platform as fans, to stream Olivia’s music and adopt her as our own. Welcome to the family Olivia, we’re slightly unstable, but we’re loyal and we have cookies, so… 🍪

Here’s To The Future

Watch this space as we bring you the latest Here’s To The Future announcements, and introduce you to these incredible artists. You can get your tickets for Liam’s Here’s To The Future Veeps show, here. Or better yet, enter our giveaway, for the chance to win 1 of 4 tickets to the show!

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And we’re not only looking forward to July 31st because we’ll get to see Olivia live again when she heads out on tour around the UK next month! You can get your tickets here, right now!

What would you pick for Olivia’s setlist? What songs do you hope Liam performs in his set? Come on over and ‘Say It All’ down in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz over to our socials, @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

We’re obsessed with Liam, in case you haven’t noticed! Need more Liam in your life? Don’t worry, THP will keep you fed!



Featured Image Source: Caroline Wang and Afnan Acharki for The Honey POP

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