Waterparks’ ‘Fruit Roll Ups’ Video Is As Sweet As Can Be

Waterparks’ ‘Fruit Roll Ups’ Video Is As Sweet As Can Be

We’re seeing the world through a rose-colored lens in the latest masterpiece of a video created by Waterparks!

‘Fruit Roll Ups’ is already such a soft, calming song, and the accompanying video perfectly mimics that fuzzy mood. But that’s no surprise to parx fans, who know Awsten’s synesthesia heavily influences their videos’ color palettes.

The reddish-pink tint to the video’s lighting and the deliberate limiting of our field of view gives off such a cozy indoor vibe. Then again, this is Waterparks, so you can totally read the oval-shaped lens as a continuation of their more recent trend of creepy peephole imagery. This interpretation becomes even more probable when we tie in the bulging fish eyes Awsten begins with. Are we feeling claustrophobic or are we in our own little bubble of love?

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Either way you want to look at it fans are loving the video. It’s a fairly simple concept, but there are so many gems in there, Twitter is going off on all their favorite little parts. Personally, we here at THP are partial to that one point in the middle where Awsten exhibits a questionable relationship with depth perception. Plus, we love how mellow Geoff and Otto are as Awsten erratically phases in and out.

Overall, we love the pretty, daydreamy vibe of ‘Fruit Roll-Ups.’ It’s just as visually enticing as all the other singles off Waterparks’ recently released fourth studio album, Greatest Hits. So, while we (im)patiently await the beginning of the band’s upcoming fall tour, A Night Out On Earth feat. Waterparks, we’ll just be replaying the video over and over again, letting our eyes drink in all that beauty and minimalistic creativity.

What was your favorite part of the ‘Fruit Roll Ups’ video? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

Or, head on over here for even more Waterparks content!


Featured Image Credit: Waterparks Official YouTube

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