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9 Iconic Covers That Little Mix Absolutely Nailed

9 Iconic Covers That Little Mix Absolutely Nailed

Little Mix are truly making this year another one to remember! Amongst many exciting things, the girls hopped on a massive collab with Galantis and David Guetta for ‘Heartbreak Anthem,’ and it’s literally been on the soundtrack of our summer.

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Now Atlantic Records and Cover Nation have teamed up with the artists and are hosting an epic contest that any aspiring singer would be a fool to miss. Cover Nation provides fans with a platform to share their renditions of pop hits. This contest will see entrants submit a full-length cover of the smash hit, with the winner taking home an epic prize, including ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ merch plus $1,000 Amazon vouchers. Not only that, but the winner and best entries will be featured in a Cover Nation compilation video! We’re warming up our vocal cords as we speak. Entries are open until August 20th so you have a little over a month to submit.

But if you’re looking for some inspo, why not turn to the cover queens themselves? Our girls have given some stunning renditions of our fave songs over the years and have really given it that Little Mix pizzazz. We’re sharing some of their best covers to get you in the right frame of mind before giving the performance of your life.

‘Falling’ – Original By Harry Styles

The girls gave a spine-tingling performance of Harry Styles‘s single ‘Falling’ back in 2020 at Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Their angelic vocals made for a heavenly rendition of the 2020 single and put a further twist by mashing in MNEK‘s ‘Head and Heart’ to keep us on our toes.

‘Dance With Somebody’ – Original By Whitney Houston

Little Mix truly did Whitney Houston justice with their cover of ‘Dance With Somebody.’ Accompanied by an incredible choir of backing vocals, the girls truly blew us all away with their phenomenal harmonizations. And by adding the twist of Jason Derulo‘s ‘Want To Want Me,’ the performance was a whole vibe that deserves more love for sure!

‘Love on the Brain’ – Original By Rihanna

Our girls always smash acoustic performances and this Rihanna cover is no exception. With nothing but a guitar to their aid, you can truly admire their raw talent on show here. What we wouldn’t do for this to be released on streaming platforms!

‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ – Original By Darlene Love

Listen, it doesn’t need to be the holidays for us to admire this absolute banger of a cover. Whenever the festive season is upon us, we absolutely have to whack this cover on and get in the mood! Before their Christmas singles, this is what we heavily relied on and even now we refuse to sleep on it! Also, how do we become the percussion members for a video? Our current dream job, tbh.

‘Doo-Wop / Never Leave You’ – Original By Lauryn Hill / Lumidee

We’re taking it back to the early days and as you can tell, Little Mix love to mash songs up – which they always manage to smash! Music? Nah, Little Mix don’t need it hun. As you can tell, our girlies have always had the talent, and it’s moments like these that prove they were destined to be joined together to create such beautiful sounds. Stan Little Mix! Okay?

‘No Scrubs’ – Original By TLC

Though they are clearly making their own mark on the music industry as a girl group and influencing future generations, they also have major love for the girl groups who walked before them. Their performance of ‘No Scrubs’ at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend was such an amazing tribute to TLC, and we believe they’d be impressed, too! PS: Little Mix, we would absolutely not be mad if you did more songs like ‘Who’s Loving You’ (also a cover of the Jackson 5!) for LM7, please and thank you.

‘Don’t Let Go’ Original By En Vogue

The girls originally performed this on The X Factor when they competed in 2011, and then brought back the true nostalgic feelings for Mixers when they gave an impromptu cover once again back in 2018, on the set of a shoot. They’ve still got it. Always have, always will.

‘Word Up’ – Original By Cameo

Little Mix had the honor of performing the 2013 Sport Relief single, which was a cover of Cameo’s ‘Word Up’ and they truly did an amazing job of bringing an 80s classic into the modern times, for a new generation to love and appreciate.

‘Cannonball’ Original By Damien Rice

With it being the ten-year anniversary of Little Mix, it feels right to include their winner’s single from The X Factor. It marks the first group to ever win the show and was the beginning of an iconic and historical music career. It was their first-ever number one on the charts. We feel so emotional listening to it a decade on!

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Will you be entering the ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ cover contest? What’s your favorite Little Mix cover? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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