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Fictional Musicians We Wish Were Real!

Fictional Musicians We Wish Were Real!

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show and thought: “Wow, it would be really freaking cool if this artist existed in real life.” We have, and we even have a long list of which ones we’d love to stan! If we ever had the chance to choose the lineup for a Fictional Musicians Festival, we know which ones would definitely be part of it!

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Sing To Me Isabella!

To open this amazing festival, we definitely will have our favorite fictional Italian, Isabella Parigi! Imagine how pop music would be if Isabella Parigi was a real-life superstar! With just one song, she has been making all the world sing and dance together for almost 20 years! ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’ has been a national anthem for all the generations that have seen and lived through The Lizzie McGuire Movie, making us all fall in love with the unique and iconic Isabella!

And let’s talk about the trends and fashion style she would have brought to us! She surely would be one of the queens of pop and an iconic artist to look up to! Hey now, Isabella Parigi is ‘What Dreams Are Made Of.’

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Take Us Away!

This power girl band that made an anthem, is a need within this line-up. Pink Slip has a special place in our hearts… the rebellious part! And it’s a part we don’t ever want to leave behind. The band is the reason we sometimes go back to a Y2K punky and rocky style, making us dye our hair and use our stocking gloves when we want to feel powerful. Imagine being able to be a Slipper in real life, and stanning this iconic band!

Pink Slip reinvented rock music, and we need to see them live and live out that dream, ’cause oh my god, the world was too scared to make them real life. They are so d*mn good, and with only one song they proved to us they own music.

God Of Rock, Thank You For Them

Just imagine the power that School Of Rock would hold in the music industry if they weren’t fictional. The world would not be ready, ’cause people from all ages and places will gather around just to hear our favorite group of classmates next to the teacher we all want to have! We’d give anything to see them take over the biggest stages in the world!

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School of Rock would have been the band that everyone would want to be, and others live through them! There’s no way to explain how fierce this band would take over the world and break so many records! They would be the future of rock!

The Best of Both Worlds

Two words that describe who we want to be when we grow up: Hannah Montana. One of our most iconic, incredible, stunning, and wonderful fictional artists is the ‘One In A Million’ that has let us bring our inner ‘Rockstar.’ Hannah Montana has been part of our daily playlist and we are thankful that we had the chance to see this character through the talented Miley Cyrus. But even though we had ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’ for some years with Miley and Hannah, we cannot deny that we want the pop superstar to come back and make us all put on our chunky bracelets and shiny clothes.

And talking about clothes, it is a fact that Hannah Montana would be that iconic superstar we would all look up to for inspiration on our wardrobe. The fashion world is not ready for a Hannah revolution, but we can’t wait for it to burst into sparkles!

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Stand Out In The Powerline!

We cannot leave out of our line-up, the first fictional superstar crush we had when we were young! The talented and charming Powerline that took all of our hearts with just two singles: ‘Stand Out’ and ‘Eye To Eye.’ Powerline was the reason why we all are here. When we first saw him dancing and singing on stage in A Goofy Moviesomething inside us came alive.

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Imagine how amazing it would be to see Powerline live and see him perform the sexy and catchy dance movements that made us fall in love with him. We need to go to a concert ASAP so we can scream and sing with him, to the songs that haven’t left our minds since 1995!

Tell us which other fictional musician you would love to see in person? Which line-up would you make for the festival? Tell us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop and in the comments!

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