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VIAL Keep Indie-Punks Wanting More With New Single

VIAL Keep Indie-Punks Wanting More With New Single

Calling all rock listeners and punks galore, you’ve been sleeping on VIAL. Equipped with Doc Martens and an audacity to slice the loudest misogynists, Taylor, Katie, KT, and Kate (three of whom basically have the same name) write queer punk songs to brighten our days and ball our fists. Minneapolis natives composed of three Libras and a Leo, the band is set to release their explosive debut album LOUDMOUTH on July 30th.

If their past releases are any indication of the gift that’s yet to come, we’re in for one hell of a treat. As is apparent in their recent singles, we expect this LP to be well-versed in salty-sweet rebellion, sickening punk-inspired vocals, and a lesson learned: do not mess with VIAL.

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Want to support up-and-coming indie bands creating iconic music of the decade? Here’s where to start. VIAL’s latest single from LOUDMOUTH is ‘Something More.’ The song details the feeling of creeping unease in not knowing what you want out of your relationship with someone. If we’re being frank, the hook of the song is quite reminiscent of a late 2000’s pop-punk track. We can’t help but notice the similarity.

But it was the music video for VIAL’s second single that we thought was even cooler. ‘Violet,’ breathes of longing for girls in a ”70s themed skating rink, rolling over people’s toes just to get closer to the girl you want. Unabashed in their audacity to proclaim inner feelings,” Taylor asks coolly, “Do you like girls or should I just give up?”

I wanna be, I wanna be your boyfriend. I wanna be, I wanna be your best friend.

The Tracklist of Our Dreams

Not too long ago VIAL released the tracklist and single names for their upcoming LP and we were simply bubbling with excitement reading them off. Quite riveting title choices if you ask us.

1. ‘Ego Death’
2. ‘Violet
3. ‘Planet Drool’
4. ‘Mr F*ck You’
5. ‘Something More’
6. ‘Thumb’
7. ‘Piss Punk’
8. ‘Therapy Part II’
9. ‘Roadkill
10. ‘Vodka Lemonade’
11. ‘Addict’
12. ’21’

Track four truly piques our interest. We might even be bold enough to say the band is giving Taylor Swift‘s song ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ a run for its money. If that doesn’t make it any cooler, VIAL’s lead single ‘Roadkill’ is quite literally about running over condescending men with their car. Songs explicitly about manslaughter? We’re sold.

Fans of the bands Pinkshift and Beach Bunny have come to the right place. Inspired by the likes of X-Ray Spex, Mother Mother, and Dazey and the Scouts, we guarantee VIAL to be your next latest obsession.

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VIAL’s LOUDMOUTH is out via Get Better Records on July 30th. Don’t miss out on indie-rock/punk’s latest little treasure. What other up-and-coming indie bands should we cover? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or shout in the comments!


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