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We Found the “Silver Lining” with Jake Miller

We Found the “Silver Lining” with Jake Miller


The “Silver Lining” has been something many have been trying to reach throughout the pandemic, but Jake Miller made it even easier to find with the help of his new album Silver Lining II. And what a shining light it’s been for us here at The Honey POP!

A follow-up from his 2018 release, Silver Lining, the highly anticipated sequel gave us ten new tracks to go alongside Jake’s previously released singles, like one of our absolute favs, ‘Saved Me!’

But, what inspired these amazing tracks that push the themes of perseverance and strength as we all come out of such a strange time? No need to wonder, Millertary, because we got all of those answers for you in this exclusive THP interview!

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What can you tell us about the process of making Silver Lining II? Did you find it easier or hard to create amongst the craziness of the pandemic?
Making this album was definitely an escape from the real world. Writing these songs was a great way to stay distracted during a very strange time.

What was the “silver lining” for you in the otherwise difficult time amidst the global pandemic? 
Spending quality time with my family and my girlfriend. I went home to Florida at the beginning of the pandemic for what was supposed to be three weeks. Somehow it turned into six months living at my parents’ house. And even though it was strange because I felt like I was back in high school, I had so much fun living back at home with my family. We definitely all got even closer.

This album, like you said, is about finding light in a world full of darkness. Was there a personal experience (or intent) that inspired you to make music around that theme? 
The last two years have been extremely heavy on everyone. This album is just about focusing on the positive things in life when it’s so easy to dwell on the negative.

There are also strong themes of perseverance and strength in this album. Have you always had that spirit or did you learn it along the way? Who or what keeps you moving forward?
I’ve always been a fighter. Of course, like everyone, I have my days of self-doubt. But for the most part, with the help of the people I’m surrounded by, I always stay inspired and motivated to keep going.

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You’ve been making music for a long time, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned in the path of your career that’s helped you get where you are today?
Learn as much as you can about your craft. Find what you love and go after it with 1000% of your being. Watch YouTube tutorials. Ask questions. Try new things. Just always push yourself to learn and get better.

When you look back at your early music like ‘A Million Lives,’ what do you see as the biggest point of artistic growth from then to now?
I see personal and artist growth in every project I release. With every album, I get better and better at songwriting and producing. And that doesn’t come naturally. It’s because I put in so many hours of practicing.

You have a song called ‘Ross and Rachel’ on the new album. Which side do you relate to the most according to these Friends characters? 
I’m not taking sides 🙂 I’m just a fan of Ross and Rachel as a couple in general. They have ups and downs, but they always find their way back to each other.

You’ve recently announced a tour! What can fans expect from this live show? Is there a song you’re most looking forward to playing live after a year without live shows?
I couldn’t be more excited to get back on tour. I’m going to put on the best show my fans have ever seen, with a mixture of new songs and old songs. I’m most excited to perform my new song ‘Saved Me’.

The relationship you share with your fans is so beautiful and strong, they’re so passionate and supportive to you. Do you remember any memorable moments or incidents that are going to stay with you for life? Any stories they shared online or anything happened during your shows?
My dad crowd surfed at one of my shows once. Sold out show in NYC and I was too nervous to do it. So he did it instead! He’s a rockstar at heart.

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The quarantine fatigue made your debut on TikTok with a super fun series “Quarantunes” that kinda blew up & garnered so much attention. How did you get this idea of creating a fun series and involving your family in it? And how did you manage to keep yourself creative during these crazy times?
My sister convinced me to get a TikTok the day I got home to Florida. I had no idea what to expect but I knew I wanted to incorporate making music into my TikToks. That was the only way I could justify getting on the app. Our second video we made hit 7 million views in 1 day and I was hooked. My family and I had so much fun making those TikToks.

And you recently got to speak at your high school’s graduation. It seems like such a full-circle moment that aligns with the themes of your new album in such a fitting way, so how did you approach writing your speech?
That was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life. Even more than any time I’ve ever performed. It was extremely full circle, especially the 10-year reunion of my high school graduation. It was so nostalgic and emotional for me. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Touching milestones and making absolute bops, Jake Miller has really been helping this time inside just fly by! So, it’s only natural we all want to see him when he embarks on his hi, i missed you 2021 tour this fall! As we wait for Jake to hit the stage, best believe Silver Lining II will be on repeat! What’s your favorite track on the new album? Did you grab tickets to the hi, I missed you tour? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!


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