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10 Ways Luke Hemmings Has Captivated Our Hearts Over The Years

10 Ways Luke Hemmings Has Captivated Our Hearts Over The Years

Luke Hemmings

As you know, we here at The Honey POP love 5 Seconds of Summer, how could you not? Undoubtedly, it’s hard not to love them when they have a clear, immense passion for creating music, are some of the best live performers around as well as being great role models to their fan base! But today, we specifically want to talk about lead singer and guitarist Luke Hemmings and the reasons why he’s made us fall in love with him ever since 5SOS began!

Luke Hemmings
Image Source: Neil Gavin

10. His Covers On YouTube

In 2011, the world was first introduced to Luke Hemmings. Luke started his music journey by posting covers onto his YouTube channel. He covered songs such as ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Forget You’ By Cee Lo Green. At the time he was only 14 and you could tell he was super nervous but his voice shone through. Even back then, it was clear he would be an amazing musician and that gained him a small yet supportive group of fans which only grew from there. It was so heart-warming to see him not let his nerves stop him from chasing his dreams!

9. His Love For Make-Up And Nail Art

During the Youngblood era, Luke began wearing make-up and nail polish during the music videos as well as the concerts. He has often spoken out about how confident his nail varnish has made him and how he likes to get his nails done. We love to see men going against gender norms! He also enjoys wearing glitter eyeshadows on stage and can be seen in the ‘Valentine’ music video wearing a bold gold eye look – which we’re so in love with! It’s great to see Luke finally feeling confident enough to express himself through make-up!

Luke Hemmings
Image Source: Luke Hemmings on Twitter

8. His Love For His Dog

Without a doubt, Luke Hemmings is one of the best dog dads out there. No one can argue that. The way he talks about his dog Petunia in interviews shows how much he truly loves her. He also shares pictures and videos of Petunia on his socials and you can tell within them how happy she makes him. He cares for Petunia so deeply and always mentions when on tour how much he misses her when being away from her, which we can hardly blame him for, we’d miss our dogs too if we couldn’t see them for six months at a time! Luke’s love for his dog is so precious and it makes him even more loveable. Also, there’s nothing we love more here at The Honey POP than seeing pictures of Luke and the icon that is Petunia!

Luke Hemmings
Image Source: Luke Hemmings on Instagram

7. His Talent

Along with being an incredibly good dog dad, Luke has so many talents beneath the surface. From singing exquisitely, to being an insanely brilliant guitarist, there’s not much he can’t do. Luke’s songwriting is astonishing – he’s gone from writing lyrics such as “If you don’t, swim you’ll drown but don’t move honey” to “When I take a look at my life and all of my crimes, you’re the only thing that I think I got right.” As the years have gone by, it’s clear how much he’s improved as a songwriter and how he no longer feels scared to write more intimate and emotional lyrics. Luke has also mastered the guitar and performs it perfectly when on stage without hesitation as well as being an extremely talented vocalist. He’s such a talented musician, we could only dream of being this skilled!

Luke Hemmings
Image Source: Jon Hoeg

6. His Stage Presence

Luke is one of the most iconic live performers ever! He definitely knows how to engage an audience and is full of energy when on stage. The singer knows perfectly well how to own a stage and with his incredible guitar playing skills and his angelic voice, it’s hard not to be in awe of him. Trust us, we’ve experienced it! His talents fully shine through when he’s performing, as well as his joy for being on stage, which together makes him an overall incredible live performer!

Check out his stage presence for yourself here!

5. His Connection With His Bandmates

It’s undeniable that Luke’s bond with the rest of 5SOS is incredibly strong. The guys have pretty much spent their entire lives together which has made them more like brothers than friends. They all have different relationships with one another which makes their bonds so special. Luke has, on various occasions, spoke about how important they are to him and how grateful he is to have such supportive friends by his side. Luke even admitted he and Ashton moved in together when he was going through a really difficult time so it’s clear to us they’ve been there for each other throughout everything they go through, good or bad. It’s so heart-warming to see how much Luke loves and appreciates his fellow bandmates.

4. His Style

There’s one thing that stands out a lot when talking about Luke Hemmings – his style. Over the years, Luke’s style has changed more and more. At the beginning of 5SOS’ career, Luke was known for his skinny jeans, band shirts, and a large number of wristbands but as he has grown up over the years, it has developed into a much more unique style. Recently, Luke has been wearing more suits on stage and styling them with band or graphic t-shirts to make it more casual along with bold boots. We absolutely love his boots! His style is unlike any other and suits him so well. We’ve loved all of his fashion choices but we really love just love seeing him feel confident in himself and his look!

Luke Hemmings
Image Source: Andy Deluca

3. His Reassuring Words

Undoubtedly, Luke’s words are one of the best things about him. He is one of the most talented songwriters around as well as being a really inspirational person. Throughout his career, Luke has constantly been a positive light for fans, tweeting uplifting messages as well as just replying and making fans smile. He has also given us many inspiring songs such as ‘Outer Space/Carry On’ and continues to create lyrics that make you feel comforted and less alone. He’s always been a very caring person for the ones he loves and for the fans which is one of the many reasons why we love him so much. We cannot wait to hear more empowering lyrics from him in the future!

2. His Upcoming Debut Solo Album.

During the pandemic, life was pretty tough being in lockdown but Luke made sure to make the most of it. He used his time to create a solo album delving into the last ten years of his life. He states the topics he has written about are a range from how he currently feels in his life to how he felt back when he was 17 years old, dealing with his new career. As a young man in the industry, we can only assume how hard it can be, so to see Luke deal with it in such a positive way is wonderful and we love it!

Recently, Luke released his first single from his solo album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From. The track is called ‘Starting Line‘ and is refreshing and beautifully written. It sounds like the perfect song for a coming-of-age movie! He also released a stunning visualizer as well as a high production music video to go with it and we are obsessed with both! Luke’s album is out on August 13th and you can pre-order the album here!

Watch Luke’s latest video here!

1. Watching Him Grow Throughout The Years

Throughout the years, fans of have 5 Seconds Of Summer have watched lead singer Luke Hemmings grow from a shy, Australian teenager to a confident, self-assured man. With each year that went by, you could see him slowly come out of his shell a little more and turn into the man we know today. It’s been such an amazing thing to watch! As we’ve already said, it’s been incredible seeing him no longer feeling afraid to express his true self musically and within his appearance. We’re so happy to see him embracing his happiness, being more talkative within interviews, and feeling comfortable enough to share some of his deep, more raw lyrics with us!

We could go on forever about why we love Luke Hemmings but ultimately, we just so grateful that we have him in our lives, inspiring us to become who we were born to be, making us smile, and providing us with the best music. We love you, Luke!

Did we miss the reason why you love Luke the most? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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