Bastille Predicts The Future On New Single Drop!

Bastille Predicts The Future On New Single Drop!

When we think about Bastille, our brain goes to our French friends and their July 14th holiday. Our minds also think about Dan Smith’s band from the same name, smashing the world with every record they make. This time Bastille throws us ahead with their new single, ‘Give Me The Future.’

Here, There And Everywhere!

Music is part of our lives. It’s a well-known fact. Whenever we watch television, travel, or do anything else, it’s everywhere. From Shawn Mendes’ Something Big,’ which appears on a Nissan commercial in Canada, to The Struts for Mercedes-Benz in the US, Bastille adds its new track to this collection destined for worldwide success. The UK project is now into its first steps into the media universe. Their first hit, ‘Pompeii,’ was featured in movie trailers such as The Good Dinosaur and Mr. Peabody & Sherman, played on television on Hollyoaks and Reign. They also had the chance to put a spin on the Need For Speed and Pro Evolution Soccer video games. They now strike again with that new song ‘Give Me The Future.’ It leads us to a great escape on a Jeep ride.

‘Give Me The Future’ is a song about plugging into endless possibilities. Literally, feels like everything is out there for the taking, all tastes catered for. The spaceship sound at the start? It’s us crash landing in the future.

Dan Smith explains about the source of inspiration behind ‘Give Me The Future.’

Moving On For The Best

‘Give Me The Future’ is Bastille’s logical follow-up to their single ‘Distorted Light Beams’ that you can stream over here. “I’ve been trying to catch a fever dream/In the desert, give me deep blue sea/We ain’t nothing but the things we’ve seen/Plug me in,” the band sings in beautiful harmonies on the pre-chorus. Technologies move so fast, but we have to take it with a smile. Changes are made for the good, like the use of green energy in our lives. With a melody that reminisces Imagine Dragons‘ pumping bass drums, the British band brings a new dimension to their production. Curious? Stream the track here or watch the Jeep ad that features the stellar song below.

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Days are hopeful and we got some smashing new alternative sounds for you here!


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