Diary Of A Future President Will Return For A Second Season, Yay!

Diary Of A Future President Will Return For A Second Season, Yay!

The second semester of 2021 is coming in hot with the new releases, and Disney+ is no exception! Their super adorable show Diary of a Future President will return on August 18. All ten episodes will become available for streaming at once for those of us who love a good binge-watching session. We’ve mentioned some of what we wanted to see before, now we wait for the release date.

Elena Cañero-Reed and her family are back for more adventures that lead her to the White House. Season one made us fall in love, but we have a feeling that season two will give us even more character development and depth to their stories. This statement from the showrunner may have influenced our opinion a bit:

Elena will inch closer to the bright future we know she achieves, but like any origin story, her journey is not without its hurdles and heartaches. She and her family and friends will all continue to grow up and come into their own this year. I promise you’ll laugh, I’m pretty sure you’ll cry, and most of all, I hope this season is as meaningful to watch as it was for all of us to make.

– Ilana Peña, showrunner for Diary of a Future President
Image Source: Courtesy of Disney+

We can’t wait to see how this next year of adventures help Elena grow into the future President of the United States. We’re also looking forward to more Gina Rodriguez as grown-up Elena. Gina and Tess Romero are truly an example of perfect casting for the same person at different ages. And they’re both amazing at their job!

Will you join us in binge-watching the second season of Diary of a Future President? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Disney+

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