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Israeli Popstar Noa Kirel Sweetens Summer With Her Debut English-Language Single

Israeli Popstar Noa Kirel Sweetens Summer With Her Debut English-Language Single

Israeli-born pop superstar Noa Kirel has exploded onto the international music scene with her first ever English-language single, ‘Please Don’t Suck.’ Unapologetically sassy but tastefully sweet, the high-energy bop sugar-coats biting lyrics in bold, brightly colored visuals.

I’m very excited to release ‘Please Don’t Suck’ as my first global single. This song is about the little things that can make or break our year or relationships! I hope we can look back and find some joy and laughter in it all and push forward to a year full of positivity after 2020 sucked. Enjoy!

Noa Kirel

While the song boasts this clever double meaning, the accompanying video focuses solely on the more comical reading. We’ve all got a list of turn offs and Noa’s right; finding somebody’s tough. So when we do finally get hooked on someone, we’ve gotta cross our fingers and hope they don’t suck.

We’ve all been on dates that have gone sour, and as Noa cycles through a few possible suitors in the video, she finds they do all suck for some pretty relatable reasons. We’ve all encountered that one date who thinks a smile is an invitation for more. Or the dudebro who treats you like one of the boys. Don’t even get us started on the guy who chews with his mouth open.

The chorus is funky and fun, and a total earworm. The beat’s familiarity is partly due to Noa’s reinvention of the classic 1950’s ‘Mr. Sandman’ intro. Amplified by the sugar-high track, Noa busts out some equally energetic choreography which perfectly compliments the poppy hit. We’d say the western world better watch out!

A Bit of Background

Noa rose to fame in Israel after releasing her first song at 14. She’s since been hailed by Billboard for “infusing sultry Hebrew dance music with western mainstream pop,” and taken home the MTV European Music Award for “Best Israeli Artist” four years in a row. She’s also got her own beauty brand that’s definitely worth checking out.

In 2020, at 18, Noa was drafted into the Israel Defense Force, and is currently balancing her expanding career with her military responsibilities in an army band. With her recent signing to Atlantic Records, and the assured success of ‘Please Don’t Suck,’ Noa’s career is only just beginning. We know we can’t wait to see what she hits us with next.

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