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KSI Goes All Over The Place In His New Album!

KSI Goes All Over The Place In His New Album!

Today, the incredibly talented musician KSI released his highly anticipated sophomore album All Over The Place and we are in love with it!

KSI is an unstoppable force! Ever since joining YouTube in 2008, KSI, also known as Olajide Olatunji, has been working his way to the top, testing his talents in many ways. Fast forward to the current day and he has pretty much succeeded at it all. KSI now has over 20 million subscribers, a successful boxing career alongside being the biggest selling UK breakthrough music artist of 2020! Between filming videos with his friends for their group channel The Sidemen to writing phenomenal songs, the man does not rest!

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It’s no secret that we here at The Honey POP love KSI’s music but his newest album has somehow made us even bigger fans than we already were! All Over The Place is a genre-bending album filled with songs guaranteed to get you moving. Tracks full of memorable melodies and powerful lyrics, All Over The Place lives up to its name with a variety of music genres. The album opens with the track ‘The Moment’ which has a catchy hip-hop feel to it as well as ‘Number 2’ but is followed up by more pop-sounding songs such as ‘Don’t Play’ and ‘Sleeping With The Enemy.’ Besides that, the album is full of summer tracks that you’ll need to have in your playlists on this album such as ‘Really Love’ and ‘Holiday.’ Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Listen to KSI’s latest single ‘Holiday’ right now!

Similar to his debut LP Dissimulation, a lot of songs featured on All Over The Place have very raw and real lyrics such as ‘You’ and ‘Holiday’ which delve into how KSI feels when in love and about his current girlfriend. The album is also filled with topics such as personal reflection, relationships, self-growth, and many more messages. It shows how far JJ has come since the start of his music career, growing into an artist with impeccable lyricism who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable within his words as well as his vocals noticeably improving over time.

I’m super excited for the people to hear this album. I’ve improved on everything I did with Dissimulation. The singing has improved. The writing has improved. The beats have more layers to them, I’m a lot more experimental, I’m way more comfortable on the mic, etc. This album reflects a lot of hard work and passion combined and I’m really proud to be releasing it


Additionally, All Over The Place is jam-packed with an abundance of unexpected yet admirable collaborations. Undoubtedly, no one was expecting a collab between KSI and YUNGBLUD but we’re so glad it happened! Some other features you can find on this album include pop powerhouse Anne-Marie, garage legend Craig David, rappers 21 Savage and Bugzy Malone, as well as lots more! Check it out for yourself here!

‘Patience’ – KSI featuring YUNGBLUD & Polo G

To coincide with the release of the album, KSI will stage a ground-breaking global event on Saturday 17th July named The KSI show. The virtual show is an event like no other! The KSI Show will include a stellar cast of surprise guests and lots of musical performances. We cannot wait to see what songs he performs live from the album! Tickets for the live show can be purchased here.

Seeing KSI virtually not enough for you? Well, don’t panic! The artist has also announced a huge UK tour including his biggest show to date in Wembley Arena which is now sold out! KSI will also make appearances at many festivals over the summer! All tickets to see KSI perform, along with VIP upgrades, can be found here!

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