Turnstile Celebrates Album Announcement With Single ft. Blood Orange

Turnstile Celebrates Album Announcement With Single ft. Blood Orange

Turnstile celebrates album announcement GLOW ON with a new song and video ‘ALIEN LOVE CALL’ Featuring Blood Orange.

On August 27th, we finally get what we’ve been waiting for, a brand new album. Baltimore-bred-babes Turnstile announces new album titled GLOW ON brought to us by Roadrunner Records. The album was recorded with producer Mike Lizondo and co-produced by Yates, and follows game-changing record Time & Space. An album that tore loose from boundaries and broke ground within hardcore, as the band’s artistic evolution developed a sound that was unique yet simultaneously respected by the scene. GROW ON will be an expansion of their vision with a complete fifteen-track compilation of liberated, passion-filled emotive, inventive music. Included on the record are singles ‘HOLIDAY,’ ‘MYSTERY,’ ‘NO SURPRISE,’ AND ‘T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION)’ from their most recent EP and short film.

‘ALIEN LOVE CALL (Ft. Blood Orange)’

In celebration of the album announcement, Turnstile also graced fans with a single featuring Blood Orange ‘ALIEN LOVE CALL.’ If you’re a fan of both, be ready because the album also includes features on ‘LONELY DEZIRES’ and additional vocals on ‘ENDLESS.’ And while you have to wait for the record in its entirety, we do have a sick-ass single to tide you over. ‘ALIEN LOVE CALL’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

The song is paired with a music video full of Hi8 live performance footage edited and directed by Turnstile’s own Brendan Yates and Pat McCroy. Proving that this is music to make you move, the video unmistakably showcases the unrivaled energy brought forth from their live shows. As for the song itself? It maintains this band’s ongoing artistic evolution and sends you soaring into a whole different universe with its entirely unmatched vibey-ness. Additionally, the contrast between the vocals creates a collaboration that couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. While we know what we’re talking about, we’ll just reinforce it by leaving this here:

Told ya. If you’re new to the game, then we apologize as the band’s string of headlining shows is sold-out. You can try to catch the band as they take on a series of festival performances, though, by scoring tickets here.

What did you think of the new track? Will you make it till August? Let us know how much you love Turnstile by dropping us a line below or @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Need some more hardcore? Bet.


Featured Image Source: Jose Rojas

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