Tyler Posey Shares His ‘Past Life’ With Us!

Tyler Posey Shares His ‘Past Life’ With Us!

Tyler Posey is no stranger to the spotlight. His career in acting began over a decade ago with Posey starring in hit TV series Teen Wolf as well as many movies such as Truth Or Dare and Scary Movie 5. Alongside acting, Tyler has also been in the music industry for a long time being a part of bands PVMNTS and Five North. In 2020, Tyler decided to take a big step in his music career by becoming a pop-punk solo artist.

Since the start of 2021, Tyler has released many hit songs that we cannot stop listening to! His solo career has seen him write more intimate and raw songs, which is shown on his last single ‘Happy‘ as well as song ‘Shut Up‘ with female singer/songwriter Phem and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Tyler Posey has also been working alongside producer and musician John Feldmann to create his new pop-punk sound. Tyler has stated that this solo career has been the best thing for him and has helped guide him out of a really ominous place.

With the release of ‘Past Life,’ Tyler invites fans into a very dark and tumultuous chapter of his life while hoping to inspire others to find their way out of dark times. He talks about how different he is now from, well you guessed it, his past life! This vulnerable song sees Tyler talk about how dismal his life was when he wasn’t yet sober and before he found the things that bring him the most happiness.

Past life is an important one for me. Maybe the most important on this very important upcoming EP. It’s about the life that sobriety has brought me and the life I had before sobriety. I air out how I ended up a drug addict and alcoholic and what inspired me to make a change and become the best me I deserved to be. The bridge came to me like word vomit and every line is emotional and vividly tells my story in a f****** dope creative way

Tyler Posey on Past Life

Listen to ‘Past Life’ here!

The pandemic really took its toll on Tyler, exacerbating deep-rooted anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma that manifested in a self-destructive pattern of drug and alcohol abuse. This new chapter of Posey’s career will see him overcome these feelings and turn them into something empowering and hopeful. ‘Past Life’ is a part of the artist’s new EP set to be released in the near future.

Want to hear ‘Past Life’ live? Well, you’re in luck! Tyler has just announced that he will be joining band Girlfriends in supporting pop-punk legend MOD SUN on his headline tour later this fall in the US! This upcoming tour has already sold out in many places so do not wait to get your tickets! You can find all ticket information as well as tour dates right here!

Image Source: MOD SUN on Twitter

Are you just as excited as us about Tyler Posey’s new pop-punk sound? Let us know over at our Twitter – @TheHoneyPOP!

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