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Catie Turner Is Heartbroken And Milking It

Catie Turner Is Heartbroken And Milking It

If you’re not clued in already, allow us to educate you, Catie Turner is one of the best artists you’ll find making music right now. Her honesty in her music and her effortless ability to connect with fans is a sure recipe for success. Since her time on the hit tv show American Idol, we’ve loved every track she’s put out. It’s no surprise that her debut EP, Heartbroken and Milking It follows suit.

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Heartbroken and Milking It, quite honestly, is one of the best debut EP’s you’ll ever hear. From the songs we loved that had already been released to the brand new tracks, we’re in love with them all! We can’t want to dive into Heartbroken and Milking It track-by-track style!

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‘Play God’

You guys already know, this song is an obsession of ours. Ever since that first listen, we’ve latched on and played this song daily. ‘Play God‘ is the perfect track to play while driving through a city at night. All the right vibes are there. We made that clear in our initial review and stand by that! We went into this EP truly, not knowing how Catie Turner could make a song we loved as much as this one, and of course, she delivered.


We automatically connected with ‘Therapy’ the first time we heard it. Having a partner who treats you as their only vessel and as the solution to all of their problems is toxic, point-blank. ‘Therapy’ perfectly addresses the fact that what that partner really needs is ‘Therapy.’ Being in unhealthy relationships in the last ourselves, this one just hits different!

‘Love on the Moon’

This song broke our hearts. Feeling like you would do any and everything you can think of to keep someone interested is toxic, end of the story. But, it is something so many of us can relate to all too well. The line “you’re asking for space, let’s make love on the moon” perfectly paints this picture. The other person in the relationship is looking for a way out, and Catie Turner is actively looking for any way to salvage what they once had.


The line “how do you throw a funeral for something that isn’t dead?” perfectly sums up this track. ‘Funeral’ is all about the impending end. The moment when you can tell a relationship is headed in the wrong direction, but you don’t want to be the one to point that out. Lyrically, this is our favorite song on Heartbroken and Milking It.

‘Push You Away’

As people who regularly push people away when they get too close, and we get too connected to them, ‘Push You Away’ hits close to home. It’s such an internal battle to know someone loves you but to constantly still question it. It’s all part of dealing with mental illness struggles while dating, and it’s truly the worst. But of course, Catie Turner puts these thoughts to words so beautifully.

‘(Wish I Didn’t Have To) Lie’

Okay, we’ll confess, we did indeed cry to this song at least ten times. Our hearts break right along with Catie Turner while she sings about this relationship that still feels so raw. It’s evident in these lyrics that at least while writing ‘(Wish I Didn’t Have To) Lie’, she was still processing all the emotions and stages of grief after the end of a relationship.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of Heartbroken and Milking It by Catie Turner? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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