Trousdale’s ‘This Is It’ Is Magical And We Had To Stan

Trousdale’s ‘This Is It’ Is Magical And We Had To Stan

If you love groups like HAIM or Joseph, with a twist reminiscent of The Chicks, then pop-folk group Trousdale is the trio for you! Long before ‘This Is It,’ Trousdale formed at USC’s prestigious Popular Music program in 2014. The group consists of Quinn D’Andrea, Georgia Greene, and Lauren Jones. Since 2020, they’ve released a few singles and an EP that have already racked up a couple of million streams and gained them over 100k TikTok followers.

‘This Is It’

The group’s latest release, ‘This Is It,’ is an ode to friendship that will cascade over you like dancing in the rain on a summer night with your besties. 

’This Is It’ is our friendship anthem. It was born out of how much fun we were having just talking sh*t, drinking beers, and laughing with each other. We couldn’t believe how some of life’s best moments are so simple. By the time we got home, Lauren had sent a voice memo of the chorus to what has now become ‘This Is It.’

Georgia, Quinn, and Lauren of Trousdale in Powerpuff Girls-esque jumpsuits
Image Source: Caity Krone

Trousdale has already made a name for themselves with their hauntingly intricate three-part harmonies and vividly relatable lyrics. The trio’s sisterhood bleeds through their music, and even though they aren’t actually sisters, they’re as good as. This is music you can feel. This is music that stops you in your tracks and burrows its way into your soul. The stories in their songs are emotionally evocative and enchanting. Plus, they count Crosby, Stills and Nash, Kacey Musgraves, and HAIM among their influences.

‘This Is It’ is yet another installment in their flawless repertoire. It follows their very first EP, Look Around, which was led by the elegant, striking single ‘Wouldn’t Come Back.’ 

Trousdale – ‘Wouldn’t Come Back’

Their social media is bright and joyful, with a bio that boldly proclaims, “WE LOVE IT WHEN WOMEN.” Filled with infectious optimism, their aesthetic drives home their desire to empower young women and spread love and acceptance through their music. Their genuine connection and passion for music shines through, and we’re already obsessed!

To sum it all up, we can already see their career skyrocketing from here. It’s safe to say we are officially Trousdale stans.

Check out ‘This Is It’ here!

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Featured Image Source: Caity Krone

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