CHVRCHES Lesson On How To Be ‘Good Girls’

CHVRCHES Lesson On How To Be ‘Good Girls’

Tick tock, the clock is ticking towards the release of the new CHVRCHES album Screen Violence on August 27th. Who’s ready to experience an emotional rollercoaster this summer? We are so thrilled to hear the Glasgow band record next month. After manipulation and low thoughts struggles, we regain confidence. The ‘Good Girls’ (or guys!) are here to save us!

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Stereotypes? Nope!

CHVRCHES defy the stereotypes once again with a colorful synthpop track. Why do people think that girls cry out loud? Or even have to justify their actions? The Scottish band spikes our curiosity again with these sparkly guitars and synth beats on the new track ‘Good Girls.’ “Is it easier when you don’t have to count to ten?/When you don’t have to pretend?/I want to know that feeling,” Lauren Mayberry drops in the bridge, with her ecstatic soprano vocals. CHVRCHES’ ‘Good Girls’ is not only a deep pop banger. It’s also such a powerful anthem that tackles prejudices and problematic behaviors. We can’t get enough of the energetic bass drums loops. Rock on!

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Express Yourself

The ‘Good Girls’ video starts in a photo lab and experiments with sound and vision. CHVRCHES wants us to realize how we are surrounded by screens in our lives. Technologies and relationships rule the human we become. We shouldn’t be afraid of who we are and tell our opinions regardless of our gender. The finest band in pop today brings these fantastic retro vibes to life. They made, with the help of director Scott Kiernan, the final cut to a cycle. On ‘He Said She Said,’ we were taught how to act and be dictated by powerful ideas and people. We tried to keep our head afloat on ‘How Not To Drown.’ Then, the light comes out on the new song ‘Good Girls’ where we have shades of blue and paradise that develop our experiences into a more positive stance. This song is explosive and confident. The band kicks into a North American tour coming soon and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Get your tickets, preorder CHVRCHESScreen Violence and stream the new single here.

What mood are you into at the moment? No matter which color you feel, there will always be a CHVRCHES track to fit in. Let us know which one you listen to now on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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