According To Weathers ‘Karma’ Is In The Forecast

According To Weathers ‘Karma’ Is In The Forecast

Psssst, remember your new fave band, Weathers? Well, they’re back and better than ever, baby! Fresh off the release of their last single, ‘Rehab,’ the SoCal alt-rock group dropped another single for us to enjoy and we’re so stoked about it! It’s nice to have tracks to listen to while we anxiously await the release of their upcoming album Pillows & Therapy. The latest release from Weathers, ‘Karma,’ hits just as hard as everything else we’ve heard from them so far. Let’s talk about it.


Similar to tracks like ‘Losing Blood,’ ‘C’est la vie,’ and ‘Rehab,’ we love the darker, edgy sound of ‘Karma.’ It’s fitting for the track’s theme. The track’s production, the almost eerie build-up of the verse leading to the chorus, really drives home the idea of karma coming for you. It’s not meant as a threat. The track’s message is simple. What goes around comes around, and there’s comfort in knowing that wrongs are righted through karma. Whether you believe in it or not, the song really hits home on that sentiment of what goes around comes around. The vocals are phenomenal, pairing perfectly with the slow build of the verses and hitting home with the chorus. We absolutely love Weathers’ alt-rock sound, and ‘Karma’ is no exception.

We have to say thank you to Weathers. ‘Karma’ is going to continue to hold us over until Pillows & Therapy releases, and you know we’re jumping on that album as soon as it’s out. Don’t forget, you can stream ‘Karma’ here!

What’s your favorite single from Weathers so far? Can you relate to the sentiments of ‘Karma?’ Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter! We’re always buzzing about something!

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