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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Years & Years

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Years & Years

Formed in 2010, Years & Years still continues to bless our ears with amazing music as a solo project now. After their announcement, the band has continued their activity with only Olly Alexander from March 2021 onwards. Olly didn’t lose any time and released the first single of the new era: ‘Starstruck.’ Before we were able to process the excitement of the new music, Years & Years decided to release ‘Starstruck Remix‘ ft. legendary Kylie Minogue.

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We bet you’ve all heard Years & Years and listened to their music without knowing it is theirs, they are still very underrated. With the upcoming third album which is going to be the first album as a solo project, it is a perfect time to join us and start going crazy over Olly Alexander. So, let THP convince you. Here are five reasons why you should stan Years & Years, his talent, how he breaks the norms, and the way he uses his voice to empower people: 

Not Only Bop Songs, But Also Great Lyrics

First things first, Olly is an amazing songwriter. When it comes to combining bop music with sad lyrics, nobody can stop him. And let’s be honest, we are so into that crying in the club vibe. ‘All For You’ from the second album called Palo Santo has lyrics that hurt us such as “Kneeling at your temple, love was accidental / Sinking bruises, I was foolish / Thinking I was careful, losing every battle” and it is an amazing way to describe finding yourself in a toxic relationship you thought you have been avoiding. Again, from the second album, ‘If You’re Over Me’ tells a story of how trying to stay friends with your ex can be devastating. So, don’t be shy and add these songs to your crying in the club playlist along with the other Years & Years songs your playlist needs.

Breathtaking Performances

How could we not we talk about all these breathtaking performances while listing the reasons why you should stan Years & Years? Especially after we were blessed by his ‘It’s a Sin’ performance with Elton John at this year’s BRIT Awards! We already know that that performance will go down in history, after all, it was that iconic! Olly’s voice, his clothes, and the whole performance with Elton were a masterpiece. We don’t think we will ever recover from how strong it was. However, we should keep in mind that Olly Alexander is remarkable on stage and makes you gasp even when he is performing alone! So, don’t be shy and dig in.

Olly Alexander Is Also An Actor

Years & Years singer Olly Alexander in 'It's A Sin'
Image Source: Channel 4

Is there anything that man can’t do? The only acceptable answer to this question is: no, he can literally do anything and he does everything very impressively. His acting career started in 2008 – yes, even before his music career, with Summerhill. Olly also made an outstanding appearance as the main character in Russell T Davies’ drama TV series It’s a Sin which depicts the struggle of gay men from the early 1980s to the 90s. This mini-drama deserves more attention with its brilliant casting that includes Olly Alexander, and the empowering messages it gives to the audience. Olly especially, seems to have critics’ attention with his amazing performance. They even say that he deserves a BAFTA for that. How cool is that!

He Uses His Voice to Speak Up About Important Matters

Olly Alexander is so loud about the important topics that people have been ignoring for ages. How can we help ourselves but stan Years & Years? He is aware that he has a voice and he can use it to change the world and raise awareness. He has been promoting safe sex, the importance of HIV screening, and also talks about the struggles of LGBTQ+ people. Plus, he doesn’t do that only in interviews. He plays a huge part in major campaigns as an openly gay artist. It doesn’t end there! Olly is also not afraid to talk about mental illnesses, he is so transparent about his own struggles. Every time he gets a chance to talk in interviews, music awards, or social media; he calls everyone for action against homophobia, racism, sexism, and ableism. We love our aware king! 

Breaking the Gender Roles with His Amazing Style

Olly doesn’t only break the taboos and stereotypes with his speeches, he also reflects his thoughts to his style. He doesn’t care about traditional roles. One day you can see him wearing crop tops, the other day a beautiful dress. The best part is, he rocks it every time! By this action, Olly is trying to make people see that clothes have no gender and anyone can wear anything they want. You are doing amazing sweetie! 

Well, we just gave you 5 reasons why you should stan Years & Years. Believe in us, there are more reasons we couldn’t fit in this article. We love Olly Alexander, his music, and his amazing personality here at THP. 

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So, if these reasons we listed convinced you to stan Years & Years, let us know in the comments below or tweet us on @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Ed Cooke for Press

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