Allow Us To Praise This Gang Of Youths EP In ‘Unison’

Allow Us To Praise This Gang Of Youths EP In ‘Unison’

At first, we thought maybe three songs wasn’t enough for an EP. We thought we couldn’t truly get into the music with only three tracks to savor. We were so wrong! Gang Of Youths EP total serene made it so that three tracks on an EP is our new sweet spot for EP’s. When you have a smaller number of tracks to focus on, you can appreciate them for what they are and fully take them in.

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‘the angel of 8th ave.’

If you’re like us and are consistently looking for solid rock music, look no further than ‘the angel of 8th ave.’ We couldn’t think of a more killer way to start an EP! As newer fans of Gang Of Youths, we were blown away on our first listen to what deep lyrics we’re given here. You can almost feel pain linger in every word. If it’s not already clear, we feel strongly connected to ‘the angel of 8th ave.’

‘asleep in the back’

We knew ‘asleep in the back’ was going to be a song we kept coming back to once we heard the line, “And all the things I never talk about are spilling with the gin.” Anyone who struggles with tearing down walls knows all about the truth that spills out with a little liquid courage. From our perspective, we see this song as the aftermath of one of those drunken nights when you maybe said too much. When the other person regrets ever wanting you to open up.


All three of the tracks on total serene were perfectly placed. That becomes crystal clear once you hear ‘unison.’ We are fully convinced after ‘unison’ that Gang Of Youths are some of the best lyricists around right now. Rock is a genre that is often overlooked, and music like total serene shows why it shouldn’t be. Gang Of Youths could single-handedly bring rock back to the forefront of the industry.

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