Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres Sparkles Our Lives

Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres Sparkles Our Lives

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you,” sang Chris Martin from Coldplay, 21 years ago on ‘Yellow’ from the iconic album Parachutes. The British band still has that sparkle and gave us some pretty good news today. Their 9th album, Music Of The Spheres, will spin around the globe on October 15th.

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Everyone Is An Alien

Again, Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres is a full concept album that transcends the creative boundaries of the band. As the band describes on their Instagram announcement, we are all aliens in this world. The originality in songwriting is still predominant for the British superstars. Following their short interludes on the previous album Everyday Life and the cryptic posts to announce their latest single ‘Higher Power,’ Coldplay expresses themselves through infinity, heart, and star emojis on half of the new album. There’s no need to be complicated to tell people to be kind with their hearts and soul. The band brings a new dimension to songwriting, just like their British peers, Radiohead. Each album is a reinvention for them. We are so eager to hear the final result on October 15.

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The Power-Pop Machine

On the first single unveiled from Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres’ ‘Higher Power,’ we already know what a masterpiece of pop this album will become. The fierce production is provided by the king of 2000s pop himself, Max Martin. In between Britney Spears, Robyn, Katy Perry, and more recently Lady Gaga, the producer brings Coldplay to a new level. The new album trailer is here! Float into space and conquer the retro vibes. From big anthemic stadium brawls like Muse, to psychedelic Flaming Lips melodies and power ballads, the album is the one we’ve all waited for. Guitars, synth-pop, fuzzy bass, and drums are all you need to complete your fan record collection.

Are these soundbites waking your senses? Preorder Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres here. What do you anticipate for the new album? Overwhelmed like us? Let us know your feelings on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

We’re so ready to discover Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres universe. In the meantime, you can enjoy fresh new sounds from the indie-pop world here, courtesy of THP!


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