Jason Mraz Has A New Song, This Is Not A Drill!

Jason Mraz Has A New Song, This Is Not A Drill!

‘Be Where Your Feet Are’ and a version of ‘Lucky’ featuring Emily King just came out this week and we are in love! The songs are part of the deluxe edition of Jason Mraz’s 2020 album Look For The Good, and it only made the album better. We listened to ‘Be Where Your Feet Are’ and for the whole duration of the track, we felt like we were at a beach enjoying the sunny weather. And the ska version of ‘Lucky?’ Absolute perfection! And, as if that weren’t good news enough, Jason also has a new tour about to start!

‘Be Where Your Feet Are’ deserves the world, there, we said it. Both the lyrics and the beat of the song just scream “weekend getaway at the beach” and we are living for it. The song is also an excellent piece of advice: “If you’re lost/Relax/And be where your feet are.” We are all guilty of worrying so much we get lost in it, but this song is a reminder to stop and just enjoy the moment we are in right now. Excuse us while we play this every morning to motivate us to get through the day.

Image Source: Shervin Lainez

We’d also like to say how lucky we feel to have a new version of ‘Lucky’ to vibe to. We love the original, but there’s something about this more relaxed ska version that speaks to us. And the fact that it features Emily King too! She was the best choice ever for this. It’s one of those songs that will be on our road trip playlists and we’ll sing with our friends on the way to the beach, for a long time to come!

Image Source: Shervin Lainez

Now that tours are coming back, we can’t help but be super hyped for what’s coming, and Jason’s tour is no exception. His Look For The Good Tour will kick off on July 30, and you can get all the details about where he’s going with this tour right here.

What do you think of Jason’s new music? Will you be attending his tour? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Shervin Lainez

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