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Luke Hemmings Released His New Single ‘Motion’ and We Are Addicted

Luke Hemmings Released His New Single ‘Motion’ and We Are Addicted

Luke Hemmings seems like he’s committed himself to attacking 5SOS Fam when we are not expecting it at all. It is a good thing that we love this singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist man so much, so we feel blessed by all of these unexpected announcements. With his new single ‘Motion,’ Luke Hemmings once again proved his splendid talent and how well he can pour all of the experience he gained in the music industry for 10 years, into his work. 

Just like 5SOS Fam and the rest of the world, THP got addicted to Luke Hemmings’ new single ‘Motion’ as soon as we pressed the play button. After his debut single ‘Starting Line’ which already has over six million streams and one million views on the official music video, we wish the same success for ‘Motion,’ just as it deserves. So, let’s take a closer look at this new, breathtaking single.

The Announcement

When we say “We weren’t expecting this,” we mean it. While we are still trying to recover from the announcement of his solo album, the first single ‘Starting Line,’ and the music video which we got only 11 days ago, Luke announced his new upcoming single ‘Motion’ on his social media accounts. The critical part is, we didn’t even have time to prepare ourselves. Just after 11 hours after the announcement, the premiere happened on Triple J which is an important Australian radio station for alternative music. And 14 hours after the announcement, ‘Motion’ was released on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Closer Look into ‘Motion’

Luke Hemmings kept us wide awake while trying not to lose our minds from the excitement, ‘Motion’ was worth it. Like its name tells us, this new single set us into motion with the psychedelic funk vibe. The song opens with a beautiful guitar riff that screams “Get ready, it is gonna be the best 3 minutes 29 seconds of your life!” As soon as we heard Luke Hemmings’ captivating voice, we understood that it was going to be a perfect crying on the dancefloor kinda song. Catchy beats combining with deep lyrics, we love that! Produced by Sammy Witte, just like Luke’s debut single ‘Starting Line,’ the two songs give two different vibes and we think it is evidence that the album will be nothing like we expect!

Luke Hemmings released his second single 'Motion' from his upcoming solo album.
Image Source: Courtesy of Edge Entertainment

“All this running in motion / Time slips by until you’re lost in your mind / Who you gonna find?”

Luke Hemmings describes this song as, “This song is about having a sense of distrust with the way you perceive your own thoughts and the way the world moves around you. It was written about a time when I felt like the voices in my head weren’t my own and my sense of reality felt blurred.” It seems like Luke took the main inspiration while working for this debut solo album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, from his own life and experiences.

With yet another song that proves to everyone that Luke Hemmings is a lyrical genius, he also winks at us with the lyric “With every comedown, nowhere to go / This simple silence is all I know / You know I’m trying, you know I’m trying to leave.” As we’re in our feels during the whole song, Luke gives us a glimpse about feeling isolated from the world and the mindset that it gives you, when you realize it’s a repetitive mindset you can’t escape. Luke has a track in his album called ‘Comedown’ which is the last track of the album. Do you think it was intentional? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

Luke Hemmings’ debut solo album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From is out on August 13, 14 years after he created his YouTube account to put out his covers. We are all so proud of hemmo1996. Until the big release of the album, let’s listen to ‘Motion,’ appreciate ‘Motion,’ and love ‘Motion.’

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Featured Image Source: Luke Hemmings on Instagram

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