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Rarin Interview: Hip Hop, Video Games And Toxic Ends

Rarin Interview: Hip Hop, Video Games And Toxic Ends

Are you passionate about Fortnite? Love technology? Well then, you’ve probably heard some of our guest artist songs around. Welcome Rarin! At only 18 years old, Rarin is a New York rapper blending bold and raw rhymes into life. His new EP Toxic Ends is a pure delight for our little hive.

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What a milestone for Rarin! His singles went so viral that his streaming numbers jumped to the top. Over 75 million hits on his latest tracks ‘SO WHAT,’ ‘Big Spendin’ and more is quite an achievement! He recently released Toxic Ends EP, which takes elements of hip hop and many other groovy styles. Inspired by so, many from Billie Eilish to Lil Peep, his music toured the world in less than 60 seconds. With the swag of DE’WAYNE, Rarin set the bar high for the new generation of rappers.

Rarin can teach us everything despite his young life experience. We had the chance to catch up with him for some cool vibes chat. He wants us to let go of toxicity in our social life and keep growing as much better people. Flying high with success, Rarin is still down to earth and uses music as an emotional trampoline. He wants to have impact with his powerful messages and let’s say we thrive on this!

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You started creating at quite a young age. When did you decide that you wanted to do music as a career? Do you think your piano lessons at an early step of your life helped to get you in the game?
I think playing piano at a young age and it definitely gave me an ear for making music, but I didn’t really appreciate what it did for me until I started recording and releasing music. I started wanting to do music as a career probably during the winter of 2020/2021, at that point, I really started to take off and realize my impact.

Your sound has evolved through the years. How would you define it in a quick sentence?
I would describe my sound as a hyper mix between hip-hop and pop.

Your universe brings together video games and hip-hop. Do video games or this community inspire or drive your music?
I think the videogame community definitely inspires my music. My fans are mostly younger than me and look up to me. Some of them aren’t even in their teens yet. So, their presence has helped me try to steer away from using explicit lyrics. I still write explicit lyrics in some of my songs, but only with an artistic purpose. My fans have also helped me realize that when you’re an artist you are also a role model, so they have helped me become a better role model and person.

Speaking of which, your songs have become used in many Fortnite montages. How do you feel about your songs becoming viral on the Internet?
I never really expected my songs to blow up through video games. I used to edit gaming montages, so it’s crazy to me that my music is being used in videos similar to what I used to edit.

You mention how Lil Peep inspires you. In what way has he had an impact on your creative work?
He’s helped me be more genuine in my music and he’s also given me confidence in who I am. Lil Peep could definitely be seen as an outsider at first, but his connection and emotional impact on his fans are astounding. I aspire to have that type of connection.

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If you had the chance to collaborate with any hip-hop act, who would it be and why?
I’d love to work with lil tecca. I love his catchy hooks and I could definitely imagine us on a track.

Talking about collabs, you made a song with Brxkenbx called ‘SO WHAT!’ How did this collaboration come about? How would you describe your experience?
I met him in a discord, he seemed like a friendly guy so I hit him up and we started working together.

Your latest track ‘Big Spendin’ is about self-growth and ambitions. In your short-span career, what is the most important thing that has happened to you that influenced you as a person?
Making and running a discord server has actually impacted and influenced me the most. Managing and maintaining a server with over 6,000 members is not easy, so it took a lot of time and effort. It gave me opportunities to talk to my fans, through chatting but also through calls. Talking to them helps me become a better person as I can see my impact on them firsthand.

Your debut mixtape Toxic Ends was released on June 25th. What message would you want to deliver through your lyrics? Do you think the toxic habits of society, especially in social media and cancel culture, will stop one day?
Toxic Ends is about letting go of the toxicity and realizing your worth. It’s about shaking off any bad days or thoughts you may have, and just focusing on your goals. I don’t think the toxic habits of society or cancel culture will end any time soon, seeing that those aspects of our society are only getting worse, but I do have hope that at some point our society will become more positive and forgiving.

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You produced this mixtape on your own. What’s the best advice you could give to independent artists like you? 
Know your worth. Don’t sign yourself away for a temporary monetary benefit and then regret you didn’t wait. Be patient and work hard. Good things will come with lots of effort and time.

You have earned over 75 million global streams so far. What does it mean to you? How do you feel about this?
I don’t really pay attention to my numbers that much and mostly focus on the impact I have on my fans. I pay attention to their comments, the stories they tell me. It really makes me feel proud of myself and motivates me to keep moving forward.

What do you think about Rarin’s wise words and music? Do you have any related experiences you want to share with us? Head over our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and let us know. If you want more Rarin, listen to his mixtape here!

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