Start Your Engines, The Killers’ Pressure Machine Is Near!

Start Your Engines, The Killers’ Pressure Machine  Is Near!

People, this is not a drill! I repeat: This is not a drill! Stop doing what you are doing and come to celebrate with us! The Killers have just announced the release date of their upcoming album and, we are having a non-stopping party till we hear it! Start your engines cause Pressure Machine is coming!

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Somebody Told Us This Is Gonna Be Awesome!

The Killers just announced that more music from one of the best bands that have ever existed, is coming! August 13th will mark the day that will make history with Pressure Machine, the band’s fifth studio album! They are making us see the bright side of this year!

Pre-order Pressure Machine here!

Pressure Machine is a glimpse into The Killers´ journey through these past years, letting us have a view of everyday realities with starkness and beauty. At the same time, the album will take us back into the past of the band with memories and stories that have led the talented members to where they are and made them who they are.

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‘Some Kind Of Love’ We Only Have For Them

But we not only have been feed with a release day date, the band has released the trailer for the album and it gives us goosebumps! Having only watched one minute of Pressure Machine, we are 100% sure that this album is gonna take us into another place and make us feel new things that we are not ready for! August 13th, please, come here quickly!

The Killers have read our minds again and we know they are gonna bring us what we are missing in our lives. But ‘Caution,’ cause this may make us have high expectations for each and every album we are gonna get this year!

Pressure Machine will be a wondrous era for the band, and we can´t wait to see and live through it with all of you! What are your expectations for the album? Which track are you claiming? We are claiming track 6!

Tell us your thoughts and feelings about this announcement in the comments and tune with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Danny Clinch, Courtesy Of Island Records.

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