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7 Songs By AleXa That Deserve A Place On Your Playlist

7 Songs By AleXa That Deserve A Place On Your Playlist

Hey Honey Poppers, as avid AleXa stans, like we are literally so in love with her, we always want to spread her music far and wide and have her gain the attention that she rightfully deserves. So if you are a new fan or want to become a fan, we took it upon ourselves to give you seven songs by AleXa that deserve a place on your playlist. Please enjoy!

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Off of her latest album ReviveR, ‘Xtra’ is so catchy, you’ll find yourself hitting repeat every time it ends. Dare we also say that it is one of our fave releases of 2021? The MV is also very fun and features BM from KARD, which makes us ‘Xtra’ in love with everything about it. You can listen to the track, here.


Yeah so AleXa sings in ‘Bomb’ that she is our fantasy, and we gotta be honest, she 100% is. She is one of the best all-rounders, she can sing, dance and has the stage presence of someone who knows she is the it girl. We always love songs where the artist gloats about their talent and this is no different. Added bonus, this was her debut track!


For those who are new to AleXa, A.I TROOPER is also the name of her fandom, how cool is that? You get a whole song about you. It’s also good to mention that the track ‘A.I TROOPER’ is perfect for any of your gaming edits, or just to listen to when gaming. The beats are immaculate and give us major SCI-FI vibes.


We know sometimes you just need a song to jam to when you’re feeling like a bad b****, and we can tell you that ‘VILLAIN’ is the perfect track for you. This track will also go perfectly in your playlist labeled ‘hero turned villain,’ trust us it’s for sure in ours. Also, if you loved ‘A.I TROOPER,’ you will love ‘VILLAIN,’ it gives off the same beat vibes.


‘REVOLUTION’ comes off of her second mini-album Decoherence, and well… it’s a banger. Have we talked about how cool every single MV AleXa releases is? From the sets tand the props, to the clothing and the dancing, it all pulls the tracks together so well, and we can’t stop ourselves from watching them, specifically the MV from ‘REVOLUTION.’ We are suckers for revolutions and we will gladly follow alongside AleXa into one.

‘IS IT ON’ AleXa X Bader AlShuaibi

AleXa and Bader’s vocals blend so well together, it’s literally so smooth that we’re surprised this is only their first collab. Also, the art style for the track is so beautiful and goes well with both of their brands. We are hoping for more projects from the duo in the future because this is probably one of our favorite K-Pop-related collaborations.

‘Never Let You Go’

We’re closing it out with the amazing and lovely track, ‘Never Let You Go.’ We’re slowing it down, so if you love softer tracks you should check this one out, as it shows the beautiful vocals AleXa possesses. She also performed an acoustic version of it alongside ONEWE, and we are obsessed!

So there you have it, seven AleXa tracks for your listening pleasure. If you have quickly fallen into her fandom, we highly recommend you check out her TikTok as she is always ahead of the latest trends.

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If you want to know, it was pretty hard for us to only choose seven tracks because everything AleXa touches turns to gold. But, what was your favorite track from our list? What’s your all-time fave AleXa track? Tell us in the comments down below, on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram

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Featured Image Source: ZB Label

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