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Here Are Our Top 7 Music Video Concepts By Tomorrow X Together

Here Are Our Top 7 Music Video Concepts By Tomorrow X Together

It was only a little under two months ago that Tomorrow X Together blessed our year with The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE and now it’s been announced they’re making their next comeback! Seriously, guys, we weren’t prepared but we are here for it.

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This week, the TXT boys through BigHit, announced The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, a repackage of their latest album which dropped in May, which depicted teenagers who have frozen as a response to the onslaught of the world, reflecting universal sentiments of Generation Z in the current day. Now they’re ready to make our summer that even bit more memorable as they share the promotion calendar for the comeback set for August 17th, kicking off with the hashtag event #LOOKBACK_MOA on July 23rd.

As we know, Tomorrow X Together absolutely smash it with concepts and music videos. The TXT Universe (+U) is very much present throughout their concepts, with symbolism and themes entwined within their work telling the story of five boys that are growing up, learning about and accepting themselves, and navigating the world on their journey through adolescence to adulthood. Every piece of art is mesmerizing and we are never let down. So we thought we’d look at some of our top favorites while we wait for the blessed day of comeback to arrive…


Taking it back to the official Tomorrow X Together debut with ‘Crown,’ we were met with a bold and beautiful music video. What may seem simple, is the beginning of the universe and their story, as they plant seeds which will then develop into the +U’s main themes. We see the horns which are made centric to the lyrics of ‘Crown,’ representing differences of oneself until the flaw turns into a crown. The imagery and symbolism have us in awe and shows that TXT has lived up to their potential since day one.

‘Nap of a Star’

‘Nap of the Star’ has concepts that remind us of Where The Wild Things Are, and we are still living for it two years on. It takes on the same storyline of the boy with antlers as told in the ‘Crown’ VCR, but with a more in-depth approach. The five boys meet under a star when antlers begin to sprout from Yeonjun‘s head. The members then become separated as they each deal with the appearance of their own individual flaws such as Soobin‘s oversized ears, the spikes on Beomgyu‘s shoulders, a black eye for Taehyun, and Hunening Kai‘s wings. Just before they reunite under “their” star, they’re greeted by an intimidating shadow of a cat with mismatched eyes, that introduces us to what seems to be the villain of the +U.

‘9 and Three Quarters (Runaway)’

Another iconic music video concept from Tomorrow X Together is of course ‘Run Away.’ With evident inspiration from Harry Potter, this song sings about escaping reality through fantasies and dreams. The boys meet once again following their separation but don’t seem to have any recollection of their past with each other, and so they rediscover their ‘Magic Island.’ While overall the video has a buoyant concept, there are still some darker aspects to it, such as Yeonjun setting fire to his book using his glasses, and even the school burning up in the end, possibly symbolizing things such as teenage angst, or personal issues the TXT boys may be dealing with.


Okay, can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that the ‘Eternally’ music video is literally a short film?! Like we really got fed a treat here. What seems like just a simple music video pulls a full 180 on us and catapults into the horror genre, as the members enter what seems to be a nightmare. There’s a heavy theme surrounding loneliness and isolation, parallel to the song itself. Giving very Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland feels, the video sees each boy face up to their own flaws and fears, as well as the aftermath of the ‘Magic Island’ burning and their alienation from one another. A real cinematic experience, this is arguably the best Tomorrow X Together concept to date and we literally show it to anyone willing to listen to us babble on about our love for this group.

‘Drama (Japanese Version)’

This music video is proof that Tomorrow X Together don’t slack on their Japanese concepts either. Filled with sporty vibes that seem to have enough Haikyuu!! references to make any anime fan pleased, the music video really has some feel-good, youthful vibes. Compared to some of the other videos mentioned in this article, ‘Drama’ is bursting with more upbeat, positive vibes which prove that TXT are no one-trick pony.

‘Blue Hour’

Minisode 1: Blue Hour took a detour from the album chapter series, but the music video for the title track still lived up to the incredible work and effort put into the concepts. The song fitted perfectly in the retro trend in music last year but was unique with its own TXT flair, which was truly reflected within the music video. From the old skool cowboy outfits to the old town fairground, this concept truly captured modern retro in true Tomorrow X Together style and brought older trends back into style. The one and only criticism is that we desperately want the music video version of the song to be released. BigHit, please listen to us. We’re begging over here!

‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’

Bringing us to the most recent release prior to the upcoming album, ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) featuring Seori‘ is the first title track of the new series The Chaos Chapter and we can truly feel a sense of growth from TXT; not only as artists but individuals, too. With a more rockier sound, the music video is filled with juxtapositions from joy to emptiness of their desolate surroundings, which mirror the emotion-fueled lyrics. Though the song is seemingly based on romantic love, the music video shows a lot of friendship which adds the platonic side of love into the equation. Other elements such as a difficult home life (where Yeonjun is at home while his overhearing his parents argue) are also seen throughout the video, as it follows the consistent theming of barriers and journeys faced by the youth of today.

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The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE is out August 17th

Are you excited about the new comeback? Which is your favorite Tomorrow X Together concept? Let us know down by the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need more TXT in your life? We gotchu!


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