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21 One Direction Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

21 One Direction Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

One Direction makes us stay Up All Night, and we are claiming it. From performing at the Olympics to stealing millions of hearts, One Direction is an emotion to us. It is needless to point out that they are one of the biggest boy bands of all time. They may be on a hiatus but, we can’t take a break from them. They are our everyday happiness. Five years with five albums and breaking records one by one, they have changed our lives, and we are just living in it.

We can talk about One Direction “all day and all night,” and still, we will not be tired. Their back-to-back hit albums have amazing songs, but among them, some deserved to be singles. We struggled a lot to choose these songs because it’s hard to skip any, but we’ve shortlisted the best ones for you. So, put your headphone on, slide into your blanket for the breakdown as we’re going to showcase 21 One Direction songs that deserved to be singles.

Up All Night

Starting with their debut album Up All Night, we first heard One Direction with their globe-straddling debut single ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘ in 2011. No doubt, we fell in love with fetus Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, just like you. With huge success overseas, it hit number one on the Billboard 200 Chart. The lead single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ has 1.2 billion views on YouTube. What a bop album. But, we all agree there are some songs which deserved to be singles.

‘Up All Night’

We love the title track of the album. It is a party-anthem with “Katy Perry’s on replay” in the chorus. We jump around and sing out loud whenever we hear it. ‘Up All Night’ is one of 21 One Direction songs that deserved to be a single.


Let us take a breathe as ‘Moments’ is our absolute favorite. With Ed Sheeran, and Si Hulbert on production and lyrics, this song is a pop ballad with positive reviews from music critics. We feel the lyrics deep in our hearts when Harry sings the pre-chorus. Then the chorus adds such magical ‘Moments,’ and we can’t help but listen to it again and again.

‘Everything about You’

It is a teen pop song. The beat and the melody do their job perfectly, making people move! Their fetus voices just melt our hearts. So, among 21 One Direction songs, this also deserved to be single.

Take Me Home

With huge success overseas, One Direction’s second album, Take Me Home in 2012, broke many records. These five boys with dreams in their eyes, have amazed us and took a permanent position in our hearts. This album is a magical one. Once you started listening to it, you can’t stop yourself. With lead singles, ‘Live While We’re Young,’ ‘Kiss You,’ and ‘Little Things,’ there are so many other songs which deserved to be singles too.

‘Heart Attack’

We claim this song. It addresses jealousy with a solemn tone. We get a good ‘Heart Attack’ on the “oww,” but we are not complaining. The upbeat music of this song is kind of refreshing.

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‘Over Again’

This song is a lyrical genius. We become unstable when Liam opens it, and we have so many feelings altogether in that particular song. Not only the lyrics but also their accents and voices take us to a dreamy world. We laugh, smile, and also cry when we re-visit their past live performances of this song.

‘They Don’t Know About Us’

This song is an example of unrequited love. We can feel all emotions through it. We crank up the volume and drown into it. ‘They Don’t Know about Us’ is that kind of song which deserved to be single among 21 One Direction songs.

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Midnight Memories

One Direction’s third album Midnight Memories reveals hints as to what lies ahead. We weren’t ready for such a bop album in 2013. The songs of this album feature more guitar appearances. Whether they are soft and acoustic, or loud and electric, One Direction fulfills our musical appetite. While listening to lead singles ‘Best Song Ever,’ ‘Story Of My Life,’ ‘Midnight Memories,’ and ‘You And I,’ we just know and feel so many more songs deserved to be singles too.

‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’

Okay, we are emotional now. This song makes us cry every time. This song saw the boys get more involved in the composition of their material than ever. We know you are feeling the same. We sob over the opening music and end up in a breakdown. The message through this song is so strong, and it goes straight to our hearts. Home is the beginning of all. We are always free to run home no matter what. Louis and Zayn’s duo in this song adds an extra milestone. On the other hand, the voices of Niall, Harry, and Liam take us to the sweet memories of One Direction being our home. Yes, we are crying, and we know you are too. ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’ deserved to be single.

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‘Right Now’

How many times did you cry over ‘Right Now?’ We cry every time we hear it. Louis’ angelic voice at the beginning chills us with emotional music. We get goosebumps. With such vulnerable lyrics written by Harry, Louis, Liam, and Ryan Tedder, we can feel every word in our veins. Yes, we know you are thinking about the San Siro performance in 2014 and visualizing “We Are 1D Family.” Yes, same. There is no doubt that ‘Right Now’ deserved to be single among 21 One Direction songs.

For your comfort, here is the San Siro performance.


The album Midnight Memories is a mature one. Well, yes, they started to make music for everyone, and not just teenagers. Guess they never have written songs for only teenagers. This song has some 70s, 80s vibes. Zayn’s “Diana” at the beginning takes us to a perfect world. Ah, it sounds heavenly when the chorus comes. As they have not specified who ‘Diana’ is, we can always imagine it’s us, right??

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‘Little Black Dress’

We live for the guitar solo at the beginning of this song. We become dead when Louis and Harry start the song with so much power. Okay, yes, we are officially dead by this song. No thoughts, head empty, One Direction is singing ‘Little Black Dress,’ yes, that’s it.

‘Through The Dark’

Don’t you think the opening guitar solo feels like we are on a beach enjoying a holiday? Or in a car while going to a hill place. Now close your eyes, and feel the music and lyrics. Yes, you are right. One Direction is singing for you, for us. If Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall are carrying us over “fire and water for our love,” we should not complain about anything in life. Their soft voices with such a nice guitar appearance, make the song a favorite one, and we claim it. This should have been a single.


One Direction’s albums mean zero skips. Their contributions to the composition have flourished more for the album Four. Released in 2014, we vibe to this album even in 2021. Honestly, skipping a song from Four is a crime. Four is the kind of album where every song should have been a single, but to make the article short and sweet, we have gathered the best ones.

‘No Control’

The most iconic song of the album made history in 2014. The fans from all over the world started a project called “Project No Control” and gave the recognition it deserves. The lyrics and Louis’ high note amazingly capture our hearts. It is needless to say that ‘No Control’ deserved to be single. Louis and Liam blessed us with these lyrics. The music video made by some dedicated fans has 54 Million views on YouTube. Check it out below!

‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’

Yes, ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go?’ They go down One Direction rabbit hole. This song makes us cry, and we can’t get back. The vulnerable lyrics written by Harry are pure, and make us feel the lyrics deep in our souls.

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‘Stockholm Syndrome’

This song is about a relationship with, well…. a nymphomaniac. The lyrics get us thinking. The chorus is bouncy, which makes us dance with One Direction. Every line of this song invokes fire to dance.


How can we forget ‘Spaces?’ Ah, apart from the lyrics, the music is heavenly. Their beautiful voices match smoothly. It sounds angelic when they sing the chorus part. It’s a big yes for ‘Spaces’ among 21 One Direction songs that deserved to be singles.

Made In The A.M.

One Direction’s fifth album, Made In The A.M., released in 2015, is the most mature of all. We wanted to include every song from this but, we have to keep this article sweet and short. We cry listening to this album like you. With lead singles, ‘Drag Me Down,’ ‘Perfect,’ and ‘History,’ so many other songs deserved to be singles also.

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‘Hey Angel’

This song always feels like an opening song. The lyrics are mature, and Liam and Louis’ duo is energetic, making us fall for it. We listen to it on loop and vibe in the guitar appearances.

‘If I Could Fly’

We are speechless about this song. From the lyrics to their voices, there is one word that can sum up: it’s perfect. It’s a blessing to our ears. ‘If I Could Fly’ is very special to us.


One Direction’s ‘Home’ should have been a single. Written by Louis, Liam, and Jamie Scott, this song is the most talked-about track upon its release. It’s a song about the feeling of unexpectedly finding love, and it evokes after trying and failing to make a relationship work with someone else. It has become an anthem for LGBTQIA+ fans too.

‘I Wanna Write You A Song’

It’s indescribable how much we feel relaxed because of this song. From the background music, we can hear someone is writing lyrics on the paper. The sweet guitar tone brings the raw voices of our 1D boys. Every detail of this song makes it superior. It deserved to be a single.

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‘Long Way Down’

One of the most heart-warming and beautiful songs, ‘Long Way Down’ is so underrated. We listen to this song almost every day. Niall’s voice at the beginning is angelic, while Harry, Louis, and Liam’s voices put an extra beauty on this. Among 21 One Direction songs that should have been singles, ‘Long Way Down’ is one of them.


All our favorite conversations always are held in the ‘A.M.’ We can relate to this song so much. According to the lyrics, the boys are singing this to each other, bringing tears to our eyes. This song is very close to us.

We have grown up with these five boys, and each and every album is very dear to us. There are so many songs of One Direction which are underrated yet so beautiful, especially the lyrics. We can’t stay away from them, and we don’t want to.

Directioners, which songs do you think are underrated? Comment us below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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