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Briston Maroney Introduces The Bottle Rocket Company Podcast

Briston Maroney Introduces The Bottle Rocket Company Podcast

After the success of his debut album, Sunflower, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Briston Maroney has taken us all on a new adventure. Earlier this week Briston took to Instagram to reveal his upcoming project – The Bottle Rocket Company Podcast – and fans went wild. The post now has over five thousand likes and numerous comments of congratulations.

The podcast will be made up of seven episodes, with each one featuring the artists and collaborators that worked alongside Briston when making his debut album, which is a masterpiece. The album, Sunflower, was released earlier this year and was met with immense critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stone.

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As a whole, the record explores the feelings of falling in love, growing up, and everything in between. Briston Maroney is one of the greatest lyricists we have ever stumbled across, and this talent really shines through in Sunflower. The album features singles such as ‘Deep Sea Diver’ and ‘It’s Still Cool If You Don’t’ – which have now collectively gained over 600 thousand views on YouTube.

With the release of Sunflower, Briston has now amassed over three million monthly listeners, and 150 million streams globally (with at least 50 million of those being from us here at THP!). And if this wasn’t enough, Briston also released a visual film for the album, which explored some of the lyrics a little deeper. With the help of visual collaborator Joey Brodnax, the film was incredible and now has over 30 thousand views.

Briston released the first episode of the podcast on July 21st, with guests Joey Brodnax and Drew Baulm joining him. Joey and Drew are good friends of Briston’s, but also long-term collaborators of his too. The trio opened up numerous beautiful conversations in the podcast, reminiscing on when they first met when they first heard Sunflower and their favorite memories from filming Briston’s music videos. There is such a strong presence of love and respect for one another in the narrative of the podcast and it is really comforting to hear – even on some of the harder-hitting topics. Here at THP, we have always admired Briston and his ways of opening up to fans and spilling his emotions through his songs. So, to hear this same emotion in an almost stripped-down version really brought out a different side to the indie artist that we think will strengthen his bond with fans even more.

We have completely and utterly fallen in love with Briston Maroney’s podcast and it’s only the first episode! For future episodes we can expect guests such as John Congleton and Dan Wilson – we simply can’t wait!

And as if this wasn’t enough already, Briston has also announced additional dates for his upcoming headline tour – Sunflower – after a number of sold-out shows (of course!). The show kicks off on August 14th, with hometown shows at Nashville’s Basement East set to take place on March 19-20.

We’re super proud of everything that Briston Maroney is accomplishing this year and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store! Let us know what you thought of Briston Maroney’s podcast in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

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