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‘Don’t Go Yet,’ Camila Cabello Is Back In Business!

‘Don’t Go Yet,’ Camila Cabello Is Back In Business!

If you spot any of us dancing our heads off in a grocery store this weekend, we want you to understand immediately that we are listening to Camila Cabello’s absolute jam of a comeback, ‘Don’t Go Yet.’ Or better still, we would like you to join in and teach us a move or two. Listen to the track right here to know what we’re talking about!

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For all of us Camilizers who had been counting down the minutes to her return, and shedding a tear for every single one that passed- Camila Cabello has, at long last heard us. And she is in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned fun. Back from her long break since her 2019 platinum-certified #1 album Romance that had broken quite a few hearts (and bones because she makes us dance like that), she brings the new party bopper that is to be featured in her third upcoming album, Familia and it is titled ‘Don’t Go Yet.’ Well, who even made a move? Not us.

‘Don’t Go Yet’ Has Us Planning Our Next Summer Bash

The zealous fiesta mixer breathes fresh air into our bland lives and it gives you the classic feels of a Shakira debut. Written by Camila herself along with the aid of Scott Harris, Ricky Reed, and Mike Sabath, the song indulges in a feel-good Spanish vibe, making use of live percussion by the renowned Cuban drummer Pedrito Martinez. It is a peppy, country-pop number culminating in a smooth, chanting, and catchy chorus seasoned with Camila’s signature sultry vocals that tingle our earbuds and melt our hearts faster than a cheese spread on a toast. She has always been one of the artists who flaunt their culture out loud and listening to her songs, we can always tell it falls quite close to home.

“I think ‘Don’t Go Yet’ is just sonically and melodically, just me being free. I think being in Miami for so long and having more family around me and speaking Spanish more made feel, I don’t know, just kind of brought me back. I think my roots went deeper in a way that I really needed.”

Camila Cabello to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about connecting with her roots

Our ‘Señorita’ never shies away from a little boldness and it shows. Take it from us, we have lost count of how many times we have sent over a high five to her for taking the lead and calling the shots for romantic pursuance. There’s a flirtatious tease and a sensual edge to her lyrics, and we’re just off to wink at our mirrors and slay a body roll because read our lips- ‘Don’t Go Yet’ is a mood. No arguments.

Baby, don’t go yet, ’cause I wore this dress for a lil’ drama / And I bet, I bet that you think that you know, but you don’t / Baby, come to mama / I get, I get what I want when I want / And I get it how I wanna, wanna / And I want you baby, gotta get you, baby

What can we say, we do love it when our ladies decide to go wild once in a while! *hair-flip*

Image Source: Tenor

Camila Cabello Serves A 7-Course Meal With The Music Video

The music video that dropped of late for ‘Don’t Go Yet’ has us drooling, in every literal sense of the term. Camila has gone for the theme of family and food, and there’s plenty of both. The first shot gives us an iconic close-up of our girl in a vintage 80’s convertible that pulls up before a grand mansion, where she walks into a lively, exuberant party in its full swing, with friends and family.

“I feel I’ve lost a lot of fear, for a music video or before a studio session, I would get really nervous and I think getting to that kind of low point made me feel, oh, I actually don’t give a f*ck I just want to make music with my friends and have a good time today.”

Camila Cabello tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1

There are innumerable viands you (can just) lay your eyes upon and it is a Cuban-Mexican inspired family gathering where “everyone eats and suddenly the living room is the dance floor.” The video manifests the sheer happiness of an intimate family time that many of us have not experienced in a while, and what adds the golden touch is a special feature of Camila’s dad, sister, and cousin in the MV. It gives you a vicarious jolly vibe and bittersweet nostalgia at the same time. Just putting it out there, we’re going to FaceTime our mom right after this. What? We’re emotional.

Image Source: Gyfcat

The whole music video is a big fat party, in all its entirety and Camila has spared no expense. It gives us major celebration goals, with Camila changing vintage outfits, a classic dance on a tabletop, a bold eye makeup that brings in a color pop, and ending with her holding on to a man’s leg, clearly saying ‘Don’t Go Yet!’

In her interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1, Camila has also revealed how she has been building a new life on the altars of self-love and that she is focusing on doing things differently than before, working with close friends, and harboring an intimate relationship with them; which is what has translated into her song, and will be seen more of in her album Familia.

Camila Cabello has emerged a phoenix out of the ashes through her break and her artistry has evidently risen levels on the finesse scales. Struggling with mental health and pressure, she has rediscovered herself, and if you’re wondering what that glow-up on her face is all about- happiness. Plain, pure happiness. You go gurlll!

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“And for me, even when I think of… there’s the word family in terms of your immediate literal family and for me, it’s also your chosen family, your friendships and your relationships in that broader sense. And I think for me, that was neglected for so long too, because I was never in the same place for more than a week or two… And also because, to be honest, before that break I feel I was, I hit such a low point and I was struggling so much and I was kind of feeling isolated. It ended up really solidifying I feel this idea of true happiness and it really comes from my connection to my life and the people around me.”

Camila Cabello tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about her break, mental issues and spending time with family

Well, we couldn’t be prouder of Camila and when she reaches new heights hereafter, remember that we called it. If your summer was boring and all your parties had you snoring- then you’re in luck! Look alive guys, Camila Cabello is back to kill!

Camila just requested about staying. So when are we going? Uh- more like never. Wbu? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

Want more tea on our Havana nińa? We always have enough for everyone.


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